We are two professional Contemporary and Physical Theatre dancers who are looking to fund our first choreographic project.

We did it!

On 29th May 2017 we successfully raised £435 with 14 supporters in 35 days

The research and development will be a 4 week project used to find movement vocabulary in collaboration with interactive light projection and mapping.  We will be structuring the piece and previewing it for an audience at the end of our 4 weeks for feedback. This reasearch aims to fuel a bigger project stemming from this process which we will want to perform at various festivals in the UK at the end of this year. 

The money we raise will go towards hiring a venue for the research and development as well as the preview, equipment rental and dancer fees. 

Below you can find a breakdown of where your money will go to and the dates of our rehearsals and preview (for an open audience):

We will schedule 29 hours of  rehearsals before the 3 hour preview in the 4 weeks that we have set. 

  • Dancer Fee for 2 dancers= £970
  • Preview Space= £51
  • Rehearsal Space= £275.50
  • Equipment= £100
  • Miscellaneous= £103.50

Total= £1500

The dancer fee will cover our travel expenses  and overall wage over the 29 hour rehearsal period.

The preview space fee covers 3 hours of teching and plotting, bump in, show and bump out.

The rehearsal space covers 29 hours of research for movement.

The money for the equipment needed for this project will go to a Projector, mirrored film and lighting.

The miscellaneous money will help cushion our other expenses such as last minute rehearsal space, program note, other equipment costs needed during the project and crowdfunding costs which will be 5% of our target.


We aim to begin rehearsals on the 2nd of June to have the Preview for Saturday the 24th of June 2017.

Rehearsal 1: 2nd of June 

Rehearsal 2: 3rd of June 

Rehearsal 3: 9th of June 

Rehearsal 4: 10th of June

Rehearsal 5: 16th of June

Rehearsal 6: 17th of June 

PREVIEW for an open audience: 24th of June Time TBC


About the work: 

"Based on constellations, the idea of a celestial sphere, navigation and finding one's- self in the perspective of the universe, we aim to challenge space, time and perception to create an immersive and interactive organism incorporating design, soundscape and video mapping projections.

Through this research and development, we aim to fuel a bigger work, hopefully to be performed at the end of this year.

REFLECTION- R&D PHASE 1 aims to find movement vocabulary, working alongside technology to structure an open preview for friends and family to gain feedback for the next stage of development sometime after PHASE 1."




We thank you a million for supporting us and cannot wait to share with you more of what's to come!


Darragh and Ellya 





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