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To build a stylish golf wear brand for the modern-day, fashion conscious golfer. Our brand promise is to "Bring Style To Your Game".

by B Lismore in Highbridge, England, United Kingdom

Being a guy in my thirties, who is a keen golfer and takes pride in my style, I have alway felt there was a gap in the market for a collection of golf wear that offers fashion-conscious designs, whilst offering high quality and value for money.  And so Refined Golf was born.   

I began working on the brand back in late 2019, designing a collection of core styles and sourcing a great manufacturer and soon after doing so, the global pandemic hit, which threw a few obstacles in my way.  Nevertheless, a few months ago, I launched Refined Golf officially, offering a selection of golf shirts for the modern-day man.  

With a successful launch, I now hope to build upon the collection of golf shirts by designing outer golf wear, such as jumpers and jackets, etc that complement each style of shirt.

In addition to this, I hope to release other golf accessories such as golf gloves, ball markers, hats and socks.

Finally if enough capital is raised I would like design a complete golfers' cosmetic routine. This would include 'Pre-Round Body Wash' to stimulate and heighten the senses before a game and a 'Post-Round Body Wash' for muscle recovery. These would come packaged together in a 'Refined Golf' branded travel/wash-bag. A larger option would also be available for use at home.

Of course, it goes without saying, a good portion of capital a raised, will go towards investing in marketing and advertising for Refined Golf to raise brand awareness and continue to build a loyal customer base.


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