Reducing your gas bill by up to 15%

We want to save you money! EndoTherm is an energy saving additive designed for any wet CH system, reducing the running cost by up to 15%.

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We want to save you money whilst reducing the carbon footprint!

EndoTherm is an energy saving additive designed for any wet CH system, lowering the running cost by up to 15%.  

We have been overwhelmed with choices on how to optimise our homes, whilst energy prices have soared in the past few years. Whilst many solutions can offer significant savings, the cost of these products and the installation can often spiral out of control. The cost outlay is also something that can cause grievence. 

A few years ago I signed up for some more information regarding solar pannels. After the 6th call to me at the most inconvenient times badgering me to sign up (with a 10 year return?) I had decided it was enough. It was never made simple enough to convince me and living in the UK, our sunshine is a little limited. 

Endotherm is very simple to understand.  Each 500 ml bottle will cover 10-12 standard radiators. It can be installed in to the system with very basic plumbing knowledge. 1 bottle covers a typical 2-3 bedroom property.  1 bottle = £36.00......15% energy efficiency on your gas.  

It is now accredited by the Energy Saving Trust.

Energy Saving Trust Website

How does it work? 

Your system (even from new) has micro cracks, this means the water in your system cannot cover all areas of the CH system on a molecular level. Endotherm is an organic compound which is more fluid than water, and it only it takes a small amount to run the system to its optimum efficiency. 

The next question is why have I not heard of this before? 

It costs you very little, and saves you a significant amount on your CH running costs.....