Redhouse Park Pavillion

Redhouse Park Pavillion

To build a Pavilion/clubhouse for the residents of Redhouse Park, which is an isolated Park Home estate for elderly residents.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

The objects of our association are to: Improve the quality of life and encourage the comeradeship and goodwill among residents; to improve the social and recreational lives of all members; to pursue the building of a clubhouse along with recreational facilities.

The project  is to provide a fit for purpose sports pavilion/clubhouse to include toilet and disabled facilities with a kitchen area for catering and storage facilities. We currently have a small mobile unit and small marquee as shown in the photograph. However, the unit is too small and the marquee is cold and damp so, almost impossible to use through the winter months. Current toilet facilities is a caravan/portable toilet in a small hut. 

There are only 57 park homes on the estate and all residents have to be over 50, with the majority over 60 and many in their 70's and 80's. Some with health and mobility issues and the nearest village with community facilities is over 1 mile away. As there is very limited public transport, the majority of residents are unable to use the village facilities.

We would like to raise funds to provide a building that enables us to hold regular events throughout the year. We have a bowling green and would like to enter a league but don't have facilities for visiting clubs. We have bingo and keep fit but the existing building/marquee is not big enough or warm enough to be welcoming. As we get older the feeling of isolation increases and the Association would like to address this by providing a warm, welcoming building with maybe a pool table, dart board and other games more suitable to our ageing community. Also weekly events and gathering.