Redecoration of Southmead Youth Centre

by jack.teasdale in Greystoke Avenue

We did it
On 8th June 2015 we successfully raised £525 with 25 supporters in 28 days

Re-painting and refreshing the Southmead Youth centre with the help of some of Bristol's best and up and coming graffiti artists

by jack.teasdale in Greystoke Avenue

New stretch target

Any additional funding will be spent on increasing the capacity of our artists to work on the building, additional to that money will be spent on materials for the youth centre to continue art related programmes.

The tranformation of Southmead Youth Centre

Southmead Youth centre is a local hub for children and young people of the southmead estates, however due to a lack of upkeep, the exterior of the building is in need of repainting. In order to give the building a new lease of life, the centre manager Keith Sykes, and local Bristol artist Jack Teasdale are working together to bring 4 of Bristol’s best up and coming Graffiti artist’s to redecorate the exterior of the building, engaging with the attendees of the youth centre to inspire the next generation of local Bristol artists. It is expected that this project will have far reaching benefits for the community, providing a youth centre that inspires local children to attend, and take part in creative activities. As well as instilling pride in a local institution that was only recently reopened.

The project bases itself around the outdoor redecoration of the Southmead Youth centre, which is visible from Southmead’s main high street, meaning the work will be seen by locals and passers-by. The painting will take place during the day during late May to early June, and requires good weather. Due to the location of the centre it forms part of the frontage of Greystoke avenue, visible from the busy commuter route; Graystone road. The project will be highly visible and will hope to coincide with events already ongoing at the centre. The project will also make use of social media, with artists being encouraged to post their ongoing work on their respective social media platforms, and depending on funding also filming the work as it progresses.

Additionally, an existing mural to a former staff member of the centre is to be restored, so as to remember the fantastic work of those previous to the current management, who still have a large place in the hearts of those who live in the local area. The Funds which are being raised are to go directly on material costs such as paint, brushes, ladders and scaffolding. The Artists involved currently include; JON5, Kliener Shames, DeOne and Subtle, all of whom have freely given up their time to transform this community space, as such this promises to be one of the best looking buildings in the southmead area.


Specific aims:

Re-decorate the outside area, including signage

Restore dilapidated mural to former much-loved youth worker

Define Southmead Youth centre as a creative hub for local youth

Create an ongoing legacy of artistic and creative work within the Southmead area.


Attached are some of the photos of the site, as well as video's by the fantastic Check Your Bad Self (CYBS) collective who will be helping on the project...



The current surfaces of the Youth Centre to be redecorated




Recent work by Jon5 and Kleiner SHames in stokes croft




Recent murals by Jon5/Kleiner Shames/De1


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