Surprise for when my mum returns from hospital.

by Gemma Trewin in Exeter, England, United Kingdom

Surprise for when my mum returns from hospital.


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My mum is in hospital, very unwell due to mental health. Her home needs desperately redecorating/furnishing made comfortable on her return.

by Gemma Trewin in Exeter, England, United Kingdom

All my life, my mother has kicked Bipolar in the butt. Everyday for the past 25 years.

I am 27 now, with two children of my own and not much, to no, family support without her.

My mum, has been really well for a long time and has been our rock through some really awful times, despite disabilities she’s been incredible! Perfect mum and doting Grandma. A quiet and gentle soul.

As recently as last week she suddenly became extremely unwell. No warning, out of nowhere and within a matter of days, she was hospitalised.

I was with her through the process and continue to visit her almost daily to sit with her and listen, just as she has done with me through tough times.

There are no signs of improvement as of yet and it’s excruciating to experience my mum going through this, but I know she will eventually get back to being my awesome, kind, caring hero.

Anyway I digress...

I want to give her all the comfort I can for when she returns home.

My mum lives in a tiny flat and she’s done her best to make it comfortable, but unfortunately, despite the council saying they will help redecorate (4 years she’s been waiting) they have left it in a complete state.

She lives out of boxes due to lack of space partly because of a huge broken bed she was given, wallpaper stripped off the wall from previous tenant and a blanket for curtains, not to mention damp damage and horrendous flooring.

She has always been too proud to ask for help. But I NEED to and WILL give her the best I can.

All I ask, is for some help towards giving her the biggest smile and happiness when she kicks her mental health in the butt again.

Thanks for reading and all the love,


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