Help us bring Redcatch Community Garden to life!

by Redcatch Community Garden in Bristol, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 29th June 2017 we successfully raised £8,837 with 139 supporters in 28 days

To create a space where the whole community can come together and grow healthy food, while providing produce for the project's shop & café.

by Redcatch Community Garden in Bristol, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Thank you all so much!  We couldn't have done it without you!


Now that we've got this far with the help of our wonderful reward donaters, backers and Better Bristol we'd like to try and take things further and raise £12000 to help out even more with the initial funding of the project! 



As you can see above we've started to put an irrigation system in Poly Tunnel one ( as we imaginatively call it) and we're starting to think about raised beds, our sensory garden and getting some beds ready for flowers and maybe an experimental strip or two of meadow grasses and flowers.

Our plans for the cafe are well underway and we hope to be up and running for the school holidays - watch our facebook page more details.

Please keep sharing and help us to reach our new target.

Big Love

The Redcatch Community Garden Team


Help us get this fantastic project off the ground!

In early 2017, a vibrant group of volunteers came together with a shared vision. To create a wonderful community garden and café which would benefit the people of Knowle and beyond. The seed was sown.......

The perfect space was found to bring our vision to life – a bowling green in Redcatch Park, which had been unused for many years. Planning permission has been granted and the vision is now a very exciting reality.

 Let's bring it to life!

The Redcatch Community Garden project, which aims to involve the whole community and provide learning, volunteering and social opportunities for all, will see the space cultivated with a number of fruit and vegetable plots. There will also be a health and wellbeing garden for children, the disabled and the elderly, a wide programme of skills workshops, a mini market selling garden produce and a café which will use fresh, seasonal produce straight from the garden. 

Sustainability is paramount, and we aim to develop an environment that supports itself and its surroundings. We'll do this by employing 'reduce, reuse, recycle' ethics, conserving energy on site, promoting organic growth and working with nature.

The people behind the project

We're so lucky to have a fantastic group of volunteers, all from the local community, who share the vision and ambition to make great things happen. Between us we have a wide range of skills and experience – and a shared desire to create a wonderful space that the whole community will benefit from. 

A group of volunteers has already erected a super-sized poly-tunnel so Steve, the project gardener can get a head start on this year's crops. Soon, we hope that the whole community will be growing together and reaping the benefits in the form of healthy, nutritious food and a new connection with nature. 

 We can't do it without you!

This community project has so far relied on donations and the hard work of volunteers, but to move it into the next phase, we're going to need your help. That's why we've launched this Crowfunder to raise much needed funds to get everything off the ground – and in the ground! The money will help us get all the essentials we need to set up the garden, mini-market, café and creative learning workshops – and get the site safe and ready for community groups to visit. Eventually, the plan is that it will become fully sustainable.


Please lend your support to this fantastic project which will benefit the whole community. There are some really great rewards up for grabs, many kindly donated by local people and businesses keen to make Redcatch Community Garden a success. Just browse through the list as there really is something for everyone!

Please donate

Of course, if enabing this project to take off is rewarding enough for you, all you have to do is hit the donate button!  Everyone who donates will be entered into a prize draw to say thank you :)


Please "dig deep" in your pockets!  

 Only you can help us get Redcatch Community Garden growing!

The people behind the project....

Mike Cardwell

My family and I are lucky to live only minutes away from the lovely Redcatch Park. For 12 years, visiting the park has become an important part of my routine, and has contributed to my wellbeing in a huge way. From pushing the pram, taking my son to the play area, and more recently walking the dog, Finn, I have gained a lot of satisfaction, and now I can see a really great way to make the park even better!   For a long time I had been walking past the old bowling green, musing on what could be done with it and whether it might fit into my semi-retirement plans, and in cahoots with “green fingers” Steve, whose work in the community has long impressed me, ‘bingo’: the idea of a Community Garden was born! As an event organiser, I like to make things happen. I also get to meet a lot of interesting people, so we decided to broadcast the idea, to test the level of enthusiasm for it. The results have been positive and amazing! Interest has come from all walks of life in our local community; we now have a happy and committed band of local people keen to build on what has been achieved so far. The only missing element is some ‘seed’ money: so please support our crowdfunding campaign!

Steve Griffiths

Since a child, I have always had a great interest in gardening; I take great pleasure in learning about all aspects of horticulture and developing land to create interesting and diverse organic produce. I have achieved a broad knowledge and qualifications in horticulture and I enjoy sharing this information with others. I have established many great working relationships within the community of Knowle, where I have lived for a long time with my family. I am passionate about creating opportunities for people to come together and volunteer their time to develop something that I consider a great asset to their community. In recognition of my work and commitment in gardening, I have been honoured to receive a few awards which include the BBC radio Bristol Food Hero Award for growing organic food in the community, the Britain in Bloom (RHS Awards) National Award ‘It’s Your Neighbourhood (IYN) – “outstanding achievement”, a Silver and a Gold Gilt Award for the Community Space Pennant Scheme, and also Evening Post's Gold Star award in the Environmental category Celebrating local people who go above and beyond the call of duty for others and their community. 

Nina Griffiths

I have many years experience supporting community gardening projects.  My experience includes practical gardening skills, engaging others to learn how to grow, and recruiting volunteers. I am an approachable and friendly person, always to help and support others.   I am a qualified and experienced primary school classroom assistant and crèche worker.  I am very excited in the many roles I can offer within this project,  especially running fun activities for children & families.

Jan Perry

I am excited and privileged to be working  with a wonderful group of people who, like me, have a passion and drive to develop a fantastic community garden; an asset to a diversity of people within our community. I have many years experience working in community development and engaging with people from all walks of life.  My qualifications and experience includes: community development, setting up and delivering adult education and family learning , co-ordinating volunteering opportunities, helping people to improve their confidence & self esteem, and managing employability support initiatives. I am motivated to empower others to experience new positive opportunities; learn, achieve their goals, and improve their health & wellbeing.  Our project will be working towards producing a creative programme of engaging activities for you to enjoy! 

Katie Swain

I have a passion for and belief in sustainability and have spent the past 14 years working as a Programme Manager for a successful Carbon Reduction company. Bristol born, I have lived in Knowle for the past 5 years and during this time there has been approximately 11 days I haven’t been in Redcatch Park with my dog and 2 small children! Working with a great group of people I want to turn a disused space into Redcatch Community Garden, somewhere exciting and welcoming for everyone in our community. It’s a great opportunity to demonstrate growing and working locally is both achievable and affordable for all.

Tina Badley 

As someone who's always lived in Knowle, I've spent many hours in Redcatch Park, especially during the years bringing up my three daughters. When I heard about plans to kick-start this project, I wanted to help bring it to life. I'm a freelance copywriter with over 30 years' experience of working in advertising and marketing. I also have a passion for gardening and growing, thanks to my time as an allotment holder and while studying for an RHS Horticulture qualification. I'm hoping I'll be able to use my skills and experience to help spread the word about this fantastic project which is sure to benefit the whole community.

Liza McCarron  

With IT as a hobby and a profession and a tendency to be a couch potato I decided to try growing some nice food and being a bit healthier so four years ago I took on an overgrown allotment in Knowle! Through this I met Steve and lots of other people involved in urban food growing in Bristol and involvement with them inspired me to get involved with this project. I've seen the way that food growing can be an inclusive and interesting way to bring a community together and I really believe that the great site at Redcatch Park, the dedication of those involved so far and the great sense of community in BS4 will all help to make this project a real success.

Jacky Sawdon 

I have always had a passion and interest in people, health and wellbeing. For the last 16 years I have been involved in developing and facilitating community education projects across Bristol to help improve the confidence, aspirations and employability skills of NEET young people, getting them involved in something positive and supporting them to progress onto work, volunteering or further education. Many of these projects have been based in and around Knowle which is where I have lived for 6 years now. I love getting my hands dirty and enjoying organic gardening and working on my allotment in my spare time. I love using the seasonal produce I have grown to create nutritious meals and more recently, healthy snacks. I value the importance of a sustainable and healthy lifestyle and am passionate about teaching others about the whole setting approach, the importance of protecting the environment and the benefits that green spaces can bring, such as connecting with others, tackling loneliness and improving wellbeing. I feel really lucky to be part of a team of passionate local people who are striving to provide a great space for the the local community and look forward to seeing the project grow and being a part of it. 


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£2 or more

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£2 Reward

A half price voucher to purchase plants from the Community Garden. Valid for one year. value £4.

£4 or more

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£4 Reward

A half price voucher to purchase plants from the Community Garden. Valid for one year. worth £8.

£4 or more

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£4 Reward

A scrumptious snack and refreshing cuppa from the community kitchen

£10 or more

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£10 Reward

Hand crafted Bird Box made by staff and volunteers at the Community Garden

£10 or more

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£10 Reward

A half price voucher to purchase plants from the Community Garden. Valid for one year. value of £20

£12 or more

8 of 10 claimed

£12 Reward

Handcrafted bug hotel made by staff and volunteers at the Community Garden

£12 or more

0 of 2 claimed

£12 Reward

Regatta waterproof trousers, size large, donated by retailing at £17,

£15 or more

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£15 Reward

Voucher for Haircut and style by a fully qualified mobile Hairdresser value £25

£20 or more

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£20 Reward

Scruffs hoody donated by, retailing at £27

£100 or more

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£100 Reward

2 hours garden or growing consultancy from our award winning gardener, Steve Griffiths. Can be bought as multiples. Maximum 26 hours avaiable

£300 or more

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£300 Reward

1 Day Event Management Consultancy by Mike Cardwell of Fayredos Event Management who have 15 years of experience covering a variety of events. They offer organisers guidance, structure and method to help you properly plan your event and hopefully to be able to enjoy the event as well! Value £500 Can be bought as multiples subject to availability. Maximum of three days total available

£3 or more

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£3 Reward

A very special bottle of olive oil from the olive trees on the Banana Boat's family farm in Sicily. Value £4.99 (search "The Banana Boat fruit and veg shop" on facebook)

£4 or more

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£4 Reward

A voucher for a box of excellent sausages from Sausagenius ( kindly donated by John Atkinson

£10 or more

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£10 Reward

Window cleaning for the front and back of your house from the team at Outershine– value £14

£10 or more

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£10 Reward

Beautiful long burning Swedish Candle donated by Paul Korn. Amazing to use in the garden or when away camping. Value £20

£11 or more

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£11 Reward

An amazing cake made by Leo who used to run the Duchess of Totterdown. Value £16

£12 or more

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£12 Reward

Personalised memento print for a special occasion such as a birth or a wedding donated by designer Hannah Smith, value £20

£12 or more

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£12 Reward

3 yoga sessions from Sundari Yoga - Classes take place on Monday nights 6.30 – 7.30 at South Bristol Sports centre. Value £18

£18 or more

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£18 Reward

Voucher for £25 worth of meat from James at the Little Butcher of Totterdown on the Wells Road (

£19 or more

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£19 Reward

A pottery lesson with a professional potter. Sarah has a lovely little studio in Bedminster. This voucher will entitled you to a pottery session where you can produce your own piece of art! Have a look at Sarah's wonderful selection of pottery, which is also available to buy - - Value £25

£20 or more

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£20 Reward

A veg box to the value of £25 from the Banana Boat, Totterdown (search "The Banana Boat fruit and veg shop" on facebook)

£22 or more

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£22 Reward

A family craft hamper containing decopatch shapes, animals and paper, glue and brushes, plus a tea/coffee and cake voucher for 2 offered by Craftisan ( on the Wells road. Value aprox £30

£23 or more

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£23 Reward

A £30 voucher to be used at one of our pop up Steak Nights at the Totterdown Canteen on the Wells Road. Find us on facebook - Totterdown Canteen

£33 or more

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£33 Reward

Voucher for Personalised celebration cake donated by Jacky Sawdon, worth £50.

£35 or more

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£35 Reward

A flower crown making workshop for up to 5 children run by Beks at Floriography ( Value £45.

£40 or more

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£40 Reward

Flowers for your event, lovingly handcrafted by the team at Floriography ( . Worth £50.

£40 or more

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£40 Reward

Come down to Brunel Flowers (, St Phillips Fruit Market , St Phillips and choose £50 of plants, flowers or shrubs to help your home and garden look beautiful this summer

£40 or more

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£40 Reward

Our fruit is selected from local orchards producing traditional varieties that offer vintage quality of fruit. We are committed to conserving and propagating old traditional varieties. We are keen to see the Community Garden grow and are offering a hamper worth £50 with a selection of ciders, cider vinegar and locally produced honey

£50 or more

3 of 3 claimed

£50 Reward

1 hour consultancy with Sara Venn, Incredible Edible Bristol Founder and horticulturalist (, worth £65. Can be bought as multiples subject to availability

£120 or more

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£120 Reward

A beautiful wicker fox sculpture made by Sarah Edwards. Value £175

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