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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

I want to bring the world speed on water record back to the UK At the moment it belongs to Australia with spirit of Australia.

by RED ROBBIN in London, England, United Kingdom

We all know the Blue bird which Donald Campbell held the record until his tragic death on Coniston water.

An un-sung hero of land and water speed records.

I aim to bring that sense of pride back to the UK especially in these times of breakdown of political unrest.

We need some good news! some heroes! even our football team managed to raise our hopes on the world stage of the world cup.

We are a great nation and we will succeed where other fail!

I need to raise a lot of funds to convert an ex red arrows display team jet into a vessel that could bring us some national pride back.

The funds are to be spent all on the build vessel and attempts.

I have spoken to a few TV producers who will be interested in following the build to make a TV series.

Any extra funds will be given to a UK charity and the Red Robbin vessel will be handed over if successful to the science museum to inspire more of our youth.

We need to bring this title back! and hopefully support other to challenge more world record attempts no matter in which subject matter.



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