Ecuador suffered a terrible earthquake SATURDAY night.

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Ecuador suffered a terrible earthquake SATURDAY night.

The earthquake that shook Ecuador's northwestern coast left until now 520 deaths confirmed, unfortunately the number keeps increasing and thousands are injured. The country is currently in state of emergency.

People have lost family members and friends, homes have been destroyed, people are sleeping in the middle of the street, food is running out and water its not safe to drink. Many help campaigns are being done in the country to collect, medicines, bottled water, mattresses, bedcovers, non-perishable foods, clothes, flashlights etc

Some poor areas of the country have suffered the most damages, there is no electricity, phone or water in those areas currently.

As a UK Registered Charity and organization of Ecuadorians living abroad we feel the need and we want to help in some way to all the victims. We created this fund, to try to collect money from all Ecuadorians abroad and people that want to help those in need. $1, €5 or £10 EVERYTHING HELPS!!! I hope this works and I can send this money home to buy all those things mentioned above to be delivered to those in need.

Thank You for your help,


Luis Felipe Tilleria | Red Ecuador

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