by Deborah Watkins in Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom



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My name Debbie  known as RED DEB I am a mum of  7  beautiful funny children& Married to an amazing man I work in substance misuse ...

by Deborah Watkins in Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom

My name Debbie 

 known as RED DEB 

I am a mum of  7  beautiful funny children& Married to an amazing man 

I work in substance misuse for EDAS My job is the Harm reduction which I love. 


I love life , fitness , healthy eating and holidays. My kids and hubby are my world i have beautiful supportive friends. 

 May 2019  I noticed a little lump in my left breast I got it looked at they said it was a cyst they wasn't prepared to do anything because it was to near my implants. Just       before Christmas last year I noticed the lump getting a bit bigger so in the new  year I decided to get it looked at, when I got to the hospital I just thought it was the cyst getting bigger so decided I would just pop along on my own, it was such a shock they done 4 biopsies I could see by the specialist face it wasn't normal, absolutely full of fear I was shaking head to toe , I had to wait 2 weeks for the results  the fear of the unknown was crippling i tried to remain positive and just thinking if it is Cancer we will deal with it. Myself and my husband went for the results on the 31st January I just knew sitting in waiting room then I had Cancer. 

We went in to see the DR he diagnosed Triple negative breast cancer that had not spread to my lymph nodes . He said it is treatable , so my question was okay what can you do for it , He replied Chemo, a lumpectomy and radiation . Sitting looking at my husbands face and said what next  ? His reply was we were just learning to deal day to day with the grief of losing our beautiful son Woody 3 years ago. Just feels like one battle after the other . Straight away I wanted to throw up the thought of telling my kids more sad news. The next 24 hrs just brought everything back to when Woody passed away seeing my kids faces and there sadness was just powerless as a mother. NO kids should have to go through what they have been through the last 3 years . As a family we will get through this my husband and kids are just amazing , we speak openly and laugh and joke we support each other.

Was planning my big 50 in June for this year, which involved Glastonbury, a cruise 

big party with family and friends and buying a new house.. Some wont happen , some will be on hold 

Started my first round of chemo on the 6th March the 5 days after that was a real struggle , with fatigue and feeling sick. My hair has started to fall out since the 17th March and just got worse so much scalp pain .

Not a great position to be in with this unnecessary corona virus about 



The founder of this 

 is Charlie who continues to inspire me 

Charlies story 

My names charlie I'm a 45 year old mum of 3. I own and run a gym with my brother I am a PT and run boot-camp and Muay Thai classes. 


In August 2017 I was diagnosed with stage 3 oestrogen positive breast cancer. Treatment included surgery , chemotherapy radiation therapy and meds I refused the chemo as I knew how awful it was looked for other options and hoped making some changes to diet and lifestyle along with the other options would help. 

I had a lumpectomy and they unfortunately found cancer in my nodes. This meant more surgery for full node clearance as they were afraid it had spread. 4 months after I had started radiotherapy I found another lump in my scar my surgeon was sure it was scar tissue and sent me for an ultra sound just to put my mind at ease. Unfortunately the exact opposite of that happened. A biopsy was taken as the lump looked suspicious and 2 weeks later I was diagnosed with HER2 positive breast cancer and new treatment plan which included the dreaded chemotherapy, I accepted this time, also a double masectomy and reconstruction plus more meds. Since then I've had 8 surgeries due to complications with the reconstruction going and have also suffered 2 strokes.


In between all this I decided to start my own athleisure company and donate the proceeds to a cancer charity. It's a great feeling to be able to help people and give back a little. It honestly helps me to be able to make a difference no matter how small. Every single penny counts as I am a new business and make donations.

And I'm so grateful for all the support I get. People love the idea as its also about making a positive out of a negative alongside raising awareness.


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