Recycled Fishnet swimwear brand

by Emily Day in Basingstoke, England, United Kingdom

Recycled Fishnet swimwear brand


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My aim is to raise funds to create a swim line created entirely in the Uk from recycled fish nets & plastic, donating profits to charities.

by Emily Day in Basingstoke, England, United Kingdom

My Name is Emily, I am 22 and from Hampshire England, I have always loved starting small businesses, and travel. A strange combo, however the recent lockdown has opened my eyes to the world of fishing that goes on out and sea for no one to witness. I have been shocked to understand what goes on away from the shores. Despite what many people believe about the plastic pollution in the seas it is not all down to plastic straws, cutlery and cotton buds, all things I have taken great pride in cutting out of my life. I was stunned to see that over 50% of plastic pollution in the sea is actually fishing nets and discarded fishing equipment. 

I was devastated to understand just how many species are in serious danger of extinction due to mass fishing. I was heartbroken to hear stories of sea slavery and whale hunting. 

My mission is to do something about it, my mission is to create a sustainable swimwear line created solely from recycled fishing gear and plastic collected from the seas. Yeah, its been done before. However my mission is different, I don't want to only use recycled plastics. I would like to raise funds to protect species in danger of extinction due to bycatch* I would like to use funds raised to raise awareness across the world on what really happens out at sea due to mass fishing. 

I would like to organise events such as plastic collecting walks across the world, cleaning up coastlines across the world and spreading as much awareness as possible. 

I would primarily like to raise funds to have the swim line produced, I plan to reach out to as many businesses as possible to retail my products as well as selling on an online store. 

My vision is to clear the seas and the coastline from plastics whilst raising awareness and eradicating the use of single or few use plastics, donating all profits to sealife charities protecting species across the globe. Hosting events across the world with the vision of seeing cleaner coastlines. 

Any sort of donation is more than appreciated.

*Define Bycatch - the unwanted fish and other marine creatures trapped by commercial fishing nets during fishing for a different species.


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