Recovery Shoebox for Mental Health Sufferers

Recovery Shoebox for Mental Health Sufferers

We want to create Business cards, Leaflets for people overseas who cannot receive a box, buy more lovely things that help for the boxes!!

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

In 2012, a Doctor gave me a roll of tape, from then my tape grew to 5 boxes and in late Summer I started upcycling old shoe boxes and creating distress tolerance boxes to send out to people battling their mental health. 

The boxes combine 'tips' I have learnt through my journey,  homemade bits and bobs, distress tolerance support, self care promotions and other items. 

They are free of charge and personalised as much as possible to the struggles of the individual. Everyone who is fighting against mental illness is welcome to one, no one is undeserving.

Due to the growing scale of the project, and my limited funds, any dontations would be grately appreciated and put directly in to the creation of more recovery shoe boxes.

Thank you so much :)