RECOVERY Assistance Dogs for Mental Health

by Rebecca Louise in Leicester, England, United Kingdom

RECOVERY Assistance Dogs for Mental Health


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To raise money to train Recovery Assistance Dogs for Mental Health; to help individuals to regain independence and well-being.

by Rebecca Louise in Leicester, England, United Kingdom

This year, Ellie and I are running 'The Wolf Run' on the 8th September 2019. The Wolf Run is an off-road run featuring a series of man-made and natural obstacles located throughout the course; from lake swims to mud pits, fallen trees, boggy ground to ditches, hills and dense foliage.

As we both have a passion for mental health and are both keen dog lovers, we would love to raise money for Recovery Assistance Dogs for Mental Health. Recovery Assistance Dogs for Mental Health are a local charity that train dogs to support individuals with mental health difficulties. Please see link below for more details: 

A bit about the dog training:

Level 1: Basic Access Training: dogs are trained up so that they can access public places such as supermarkets, shops, theaters, buses and aeroplanes etc. 

Level 2: Skilled Assistance:  dogs are trained to support individuals symptoms such as -

Panic Attacks and Epileptic Seizes - alerting the individual

Agoraphobia - being protective in crowds and helping individuals get out of the house 

Anxiety - trained to bark on command / comfort / distract 

Social Inclusion - a way of meeting other people 

Level 3: Individual Emotional Assistance: dogs are trained to encourage a still and calm atmosphere and encourage activity and rest for individuals.

Let's make 'RECOVERY Assistance Dogs for Mental Health' happen

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