Recover your sense of self and health

by Rolfing with Hayley in London, England, United Kingdom

Recover your sense of self and health


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The pandemic has exacerbated many of our underlying health challenges. Recover your sense of self and health. Return or come new to Rolfing.

by Rolfing with Hayley in London, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

If I reach my target to enable my 2021-2022 training, keep my certificate and keep helping people recover...I will put any extra towards my Advanced Rolfing Training course, which I must complete by 2024. This will cost £4900 plus travel and accommodation and mean I become an Advanced Rolfer, with more expertise to help my clients at the cutting edge of fascia science. 

The global COVID-19 pandemic has uncovered or worsened many of the health problems we were already facing as a human family

Many of us were already exhausted, over-stretched, sat and or looked at computers and phones too long. Many of us have had physical and mental health challenges tighten around us during this time of challenge and isolation. Our children, already suffering more with mental health, nervous system and attention challenges have been further challenged too. And many conditions such as asthma, IBS, long-term anxiety, depression, jaw tension, back pain and other chronic pain and mental health symptoms have been exacerbated. 

Recover a sense of self and health 

A post lockdown 'reward' to you. Advanced booking and reduced price appointments are part of this recovery campaign to help you recover a sense of self and health through Rolfing.  

What is Rolfing and how can it help 

For many us our bodies and physical and mental health are mysteries to us, things that break, age, become disobedient, stressed, painful, injured or overwhelmed without us being able to do anything about it. 

Rolfing combines hands-on body-work and movement instruction, and changes this unfriendly relationship with our bodies. The hands-on work focuses on undoing the patterns in our connective tissue that have got into painful habits. The movement instruction teaches us subtle new ways of moving and aligning our bodies that mean we don't keep putting the pain and discomfort back in. I have had many clients say 'Rolfing is the instruction manual for human living'. 

Rolfing can also hold a space to process the patterns of grief, injury, accidents and trauma, which often get struck in our bodies and cause physical, emotional and psychological challenges later on. Rolfing can help our nervous systems regulate again after periods of stress, or if they have got into a pattern of speed or collapse, which might have emotional consequences too, like depression or anxiety, an unsettled feeling. Rolfing can also help re-gather our bodies back to ourselves after giving birth. And I have clients for whom Rolfing helps with chronic conditions like fibromyalgia, IBS and chronic fatigue. Rolfing can also help improve performance and prevent injury for sports people, dancers, martial artists, folk who use their bodies a lot for a particular activity.  

My clinics

I have two clinics in London - one at Clinic Central, just off Upper Street in Angel Islington, which runs every Monday.  And one in leafy Ealing, at OPEN Ealing arts centre in Ealing Broadway, once a month on a Friday. 

I also have a monthly clinic in Norwich, Norfolk at The Yoga Tree on All Saints Green, on a monthly Friday and I run a monthly Friday clinic in Chelmsford, Essex too, very close to the train station at Chelmsford Well Being Centre.

More about me and how I approach Rolfing 

I am a traditional Rolfer, following the recipe as it's founder, Ida Rolf, set it out, and as it has been passed to me. I am certified by The British Academy of Rolfing and Structural Integration, London, The European Rolfing Association, Munich and The Rolf Institute of Structural Integration, Boulder, Colorado.  

As all Rolfers do, I bring my own skills and knowledge to my work as a Rolfer, I am also a professional contemporary dancer and often work with dancers and athletes, runners, swimmers and cyclists to improve performance and prevent injury. 

I am also someone who found Rolfing a great help in my own recovery from PTSD, initiated by a bike accident, a very broken jaw and a mishap while under general anaesthetic during surgery. Recovery from this kind of thing can be quite a road, we end up having to scrub all our own pots of pans, untie all the things about us that weren't serving us anyway; in movement, posture, behaviour and psychological patterns. I have been on that road. It means we grow in our capacity for suffering and for joy, and return back home to a simpler self. I continue to work on myself aided by daily meditation, wild water swimming and jogging on Hampstead Heath. I bring these experiences also when I work with you. 

I  am a loving aunt and great lover of children. I have a youthful heart, children and I get on well, and I love working with children and babies in a more creative approach to Rolfing and to health. And with mothers too. 

What taking part in this recovery campaign will give you    

I have set up appointments as 'rewards'. Through this recovery campaign these 'rewards' give you appointments at £10 less than the usual cost of booking with me directly. You can book a block of 1, 3 or 9 appointments. Or 1, 3 or 9 block's of children's appointments. 

Clients booked through this recovery campaign will be those I book in in the first 6 months of my clinics re-opening in April. I anticipate a busy time once I re-open fully, so this will streamline you in to make sure you get an appointment. And give a discount also. 

If you have not yet had an appointment and are thinking of embarking on the Rolfing traditional ten series, book 1 appointment first, and then 9 later if we decide to continue on, so you have a chance to meet me and the work, and me you. 

More urgent acute cases

I am seeing acute cases only before April, if you are in need of an appointment more urgently please contact me for a phone assessment before booking at [email protected] I will assess the urgency and can book you in sooner if needed. 

If you are already attending my acute clinics you can book ahead through this recovery campaign also. 

How your pledge will help me and my clients

Booking appointments as rewards through this recovery campaign will mean I am assessed for match funding, where London's Lord Mayor gives me 50% of what my rewards raise. 

This will raise funds for me to access continued and advanced training as a Rolfer.

My work as a Rolfer is based on extensive knowledge of our connective tissue system, our fascia system. And how to use touch and movement work to effect this system in order to effect many different complaints, injuries and conditions. ERA and DIRI the European and American Rolfing schools are at the forefront of cutting edge fascia science, it's an exciting modality and community to be part of.

To keep me at this cutting edge of fascia work, I am obliged to take regular trainings and then to take my Advanced training as a Rolfer, without which I loose my certificate to practice. Ordinarily this would be more possible. However, the pandemic has depleted my reserves to access this training. So I hope this recovery campaign will mean London's Lord Mayor can top up my income so I can access these trainings in 2021-2024. 

This will mean my knowledge and skill base is extended to help you even more. 

These trainings will mean I can continue helping you and other clients with posture complaints, chronic pain, chronic conditions, injury and post-surgery recovery, trauma, grief, stress, mental health and personal development. Recovering a sense of self and health, and a sense of agency around your own health. I think Rolfing and other modalities like osteopathy and craniosacral therapy will become more and more essential to us Londoners and around the world as we recover fully from the pandemic, and while the hospital and state health services recover too. 

To take these 2021- 2022 trainings will cost £6750, so I hope to raise £5000 towards this. Anything I raise above this I will put towards the rest of the £6750 training costs and then my Advanced training costs, which I must complete by 2024, at £4900, plus accommodation and travel. 

Many thanks for your time and for your participation. I look forward to seeing you in London and East Anglia this year.

Wishing you well.



Some testimonials from my clients

“I was treated by Hayley in 2017 for a fear of heights. In all honesty, I didn’t expect much as I had had a crippling fear for over a decade. But Hayley seemed certain Rolfing sessions could help ease some of the physical symptoms. So I took a chance and to say Rolfing has changed my life would be an understatement. Last month I did a zipline through the jungle upside down. I now fly without sedatives. And I don’t freak out every time I go up steep stairs. Hayley is a Rolfing practitioner with a true gift and I will be forever grateful for everything she as done for me”


“Hayley is both intuitive and scientific in her approach, she is expert at what she does. Rolfing has helped me be pain free and at one with myself in so many ways. I would recommend it to anyone as an essential self-investment. ”


“I found my Rolfing session with Hayley to be invaluable. Suffering with knee pain, in the first session Hayley showed me a technique for mobilising my knee with minimum effort. I have since been applying the technique to other body movement and find it most effective. She has also improved my gait and the way I move so my body looks and feels lither. ”


“I came to Rolfing after suffering with migraines resulting from emotional trauma. Hayley is very respectful when working with highly sensitive emotional material. After my first session I came away, already feeling the benefits.”


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