Recording Bertien's Album

Music is an art that comes alive everytime when we perform. Just keep on living in the form of art.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Music is an energy that brings you to life. Music is love and love is peace. Peace is what we need, when we look around us and see all that’s happening to our planet and to the people living on it.  I was in trouble since I was a little girl, I couldn't keep up with other children when we were playing. I got diagnosed with Mc Ardle’s  disease (GSD V) when I was nineteen. Music got me through a lot of hardships. These days music still keeps me alive. We must look at the possibilities. Most of the time our wounds are self inflicted. We always want to reach a path that’s not born from within, but from what we think others think we should live like. Love in the form of music will heal all of this. We come back right where we came from and finally understand why we are here.  I write music and perform. I also cover Celtic and Folk music on my own acoustic way. When I perform, I want to bring out the message of love. In music we all speak the same language, even when we don’t understand the words. We all understand the emotions lying beneath.

My goal is to reach out with my music, unfortunately for this I need something that I don’t want to depend on. I know the whole world runs on money. To bring out my music, I need some people to support me. My wish is to record my own album. 

In return I offer you this, if you want to visit my concert, just contact me and you will be on my special guest list. You give whatever you can give and you will always be welcome!

You can follow my project on my website, so you can see how I invest everything that’s given to me. You can follow my recordings, my concert and all the other acts of promotion.