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Recoil Youth is an empowering leadership association that aims to uplift children and young people to bounce back from adversities.

by Aunika Blake in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

Recoil Youth is an empowering leadership association that focuses on uplifting young people to bounce back from adversities as they make their transitions from childhood to adulthood. Through various workshops and activities, Recoil Youth will prepare young people on what it means to stay healthy, do their best and love their community.

Mission: Creating a wider awareness and understanding about ACEs and CSE

What is ACE’s?

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) is the term used to describe stressful or traumatic experiences that children can be exposed to whilst growing up.  ACEs range from experiences that directly harm a child such as; suffering physical, verbal or sexual abuse, and physical or emotional neglect. To those that affect the environment in which a child grows up; including parental separation, domestic violence, mental illness, alcohol abuse, drug use or incarceration (Blackburn with Darwen Council, 2017).

What is CSE?

Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) is a type of sexual abuse to a child. It’s when a person or group of people take advantage of the power imbalance to coerce, deceive or manipulate a child into sexual activity; either for the exchange of what the victim wants or needs and/or status building or financial gain for the perpetrator. A child can still be exploited even when consent is given, also it doesn’t always involve physical contact, it can also occur online via the use of technology (Department for Education, 2017).


What’s the problem?


ACE’s – There is no work, research or even awareness around young people who have ACE’s in Birmingham.

 CSE - There are 1185 children and young people currently identified as at risk of CSE in Birmingham 
(Preventing Violence against Vulnerable People in the West Midland,April – June 2017).


Policy relevance of the project

Department for Education (2017) wants children and families to be confident enough to turn to practitioners when they need support and protection from exploitation. It’s advised that the support and protection should be provided in a timely, flexible and enduring manner, and for it to be the best it can possibly be. Professionals are required to work together to minimise the immediate risk of harm to children and collaborative work to develop strategies to improve children’s life chances in the long term.

 Birmingham Safeguarding Children Board (BSCB) has a statutory responsibility to organise how agencies work together to promote the well-being and to safeguard children whilst ensuring the effectiveness of safeguarding arrangements. Prevent, Prepare, Prosecute and Protect are four key areas highlighted in BSCB Multi-Agency Child Sexual Exploitation Framework & Strategy for 2015-17.


What’s the answer???



    • To create a wider awareness and understanding about ACEs and CSE in Birmingham.
    • To increase disclosure rate of CSE in Birmingham CYP.
    • To insure that effective child centred support is accessible for all CYP in Birmingham.


    • Build Resilience in CYP in Birmingham.
    • CSE and ACEs Education and Training for all in Birmingham.
    • Provide IAG as early as possible.
    • Safe and consistent long term relationships with CYP.


    • Train volunteers/students to deliver the Bounce Back programme to all young people across Birmingham.
    • Targeting those that are at risk from CSE or/and has an ACE score.
    • Provide bespoke practical CSE training to Adults & Professionals around the barriers to engagement and disclosure for; Boys Different Ethnicities and Social Economic backgrounds

The Bounce Back Project

Bouce Back Project is a short action packed learning experience, mentoring programme.
To provide today’s youth with the opportunity to develop into resilient influential young adults.

Promote Educate Assess REACh Refer and Support

Promote all CYP services in Birmingham

Educate CYP on the specific skills that are needed for adaptive coping, sound decision-making and effective self-regulation through Media, Dance and Sports.

Assess young people for ACE’s

Routine Enquiry about Adversity in Childhood
A routine enquiry in line with NICE guidelines whereby every young person is asked during a mentoring session about violence and abuse.

Make referrals and encourage multi agency work were possible

On going available support via peer mentors and peer mentor’s coordinator in their school.

Bounce Back is a resilience building programme built around 10 subject areas. Each session addresses specific topics that young people are or at risk from experiencing. Awareness raising sessions focusing in on Child Abuse, Child Sexual Exploitation and Child Crime/Gang Exploitation. Including also health and wellbeing session tailored around the services and facilities available within Birmingham. Empowering and preparing young people for independent living and self-care.

Promoting partnership work with the values of working together to safeguard our children; whilst working towards a Leadership Level 1 Award qualification in Mentoring, Dance or Sports. Delivered by Recoil Youth Association.

Recoil Youth will be staffed by young volunteers with a ‘For Youth by Youth’ ethos running throughout our organisation.

 10 Subjects Areas:

  1. Child Abuse
  2. Child Sexual Exploitation
  3. Child Crime/Gang Exploitation
  4. Sexual Health
  5. Drugs
  6. Alcohol
  7. Mental Health/Mindfulness
  8. Body Positivity/Healthy Eating
  9. Homelessness
  10. Debt/Finance/Benefits

 Peer Mentors: After the programme the CYP become recoil youth mentors within their schools; provided with on-going support by the peer mentor coordinators


What I'm raising funds for? 

I am trying to raise £10k to start up a Social Enterprise Assosiation for young people by young people; to delivery the Bounce Back project to all CYP in Birmingham. The money raised via this crowndfunding will be used solely towards the start up of Recoil Youth Assosiation.  

I have invested  my own money towards changing lifes of CYP in Birmingham; but your donations and support will aid this project delivery to a city wide, stable and long term programme. 
My aim is for project delivery to take place in September 2018, for this reason time is of the essence. I have already started committing my own money and paying for things in the hope that the community will support this project. 

Anything that you can give, no matter how big or small, moves us one step closer to reaching our target goal.

For information or updates on the Bounce Back project or Recoil Youth Association please access my contact infomation via LinkedIn: Aunika Blake

Thanking you in advance :)


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ACE’s Awareness Workshop Training for Professionals

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Barriers to Engage & Disclosures in the BME Community Workshop Training for Professionals

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Bounce Back Programme delivery for 10 young people 

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Bounce Back Programme delivery for 20 young people

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