Recognise job opportunities for autistic adults

by Yohannes Kleih in London, England, United Kingdom

Recognise job opportunities for autistic adults


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by Yohannes Kleih in London, England, United Kingdom

To give attention to families who have brothers or sisters or sons or daughters who find it hard to find a job because if their Asperger's or Autism is putting them off to find a job, to realise that care trade is the place for a parent's son or daughter who is aged between 18 - 25, to realise that care trade is the right direction for a young mature man or woman in finding their dream job, by the care and effort care trade teachers show so much respect to students, regarding their; race, age, religious beliefs, political beliefs, respect and diversity that any autistic student will have their dreams come true. We also need the Government attention to realise that care trade is one charity company which cares for autistic people, that these people also have the opportunity to achieve successful careers, care trade is a better alternative for me, where I'm learning new skills every day. care trade is a better and safer place for an autistic student, not like in university where I dropped out twice, but still motivated myself to fulfil my dream to be a care trade student, and it happened when I least expected it, no matter how short or long the waiting process for me to be a care trade student, I kept holding on to my dreams until it came true. Believe in yourself to achieve what you want to achieve from young age and take the opportunity when it is there, before it is too little too late, until that opportunity might be gone when you least it expect to happen.

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