Reclaimed furniture and products

by Jason Pierre-Donnelly in Sheffield, England, United Kingdom

Reclaimed furniture and products
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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

I started my own business recently and I have had a huge bill for my vehicle that I wasnt expecting.

by Jason Pierre-Donnelly in Sheffield, England, United Kingdom

I have worked in the charity sector for the majority of my career. Recently I suffered from a mental breakdown and realised I needed to do something to get out of the high stress job roles I was in. I found myself unable to ever be certain if i could get up at a certain time, so employment was difficult, so I looked for something that could mean I could make money myself, without the pressure of a daily time scale... i have healed quickly because of this and have naturally been able to get in to a routine. 

Anyway, my business started in December 2018, I started it with £250 in the bank and by the end of March my company was making a profit. The company has two sides, I work with a close friend of mine. I create reclaimed material furniture and my best friend delivers it across the country, he also subcontracts delivery work (I complete the admin for this). 

Revenue is hit £5000 in March, but we had a massive bill for the van (we lease a second hand van) which cost us nearly £2,000 plus we also were unable to deliver anything for 8 days while the van was fixed, meaning we lost the ability to generate income, losing a further £1600 at least (we missed our busiest week so far with regards to sub contracting work).

All of this has left us  in a bit of a black hole that we are just short of getting out of so I thought I would ask on here for help. If we raised £5,000 at this point in time, we would fly and be able to set ourselves up for life. 

Any support would be hugely appreciated.

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