Recharge4 Enabling UK Africans to Help Loved ones

by Kemal Ercelik in London, England, United Kingdom

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To enable UK Africans to help loved ones in Africa by paying their bills, school tuition, credit their phones and send them money

by Kemal Ercelik in London, England, United Kingdom

I've always been fascinated by technology and the good it could do for humanity. From as young as 5 years old back in 1988, is when my passion for technology truly kicked off from Commodo64, Atari, Game Boys, including software and games.

Later on in my life I excelled my expertise in Business and Technology and always have had a plan to use them both in sync to do good.

I started working for a company back in 2009 where I helped incorporate all their technology, sales and support departments, I was the architecture behind their technology today.

In 2016, I deciced to branch out and start my own company now known as our focus is servinng B2B commercial banks in services and Banking software this includes Fintech companies, by providing them white labelled solutions to fit their needs.

Recharge4 has always been my inspiration to use for good, I trademarked the name back in 2017 and have been since working to launch the service which is aimed at B2C.

My goal is to provide a platform and apps to enable UK Africans in the UK to help their loved ones abroad which will enable them to pay their loved ones school tutitions, Bills, Credit their phones and even allow them to send money the rate we are planning to use will the most value provided by an company.

My team are working endlessly to launch but we need help in actually getting it out to market and expanding our dev team, support and customer service.

The goal is to reach £300,000, once this has been hit we will launch in 4 weeks. powered by aims to make a impact not just cross-border allowing UK/European/American Africans to support their loved ones back home with every aspect of this life from sending money directly to their account, crediting their phones directly, and even paying directly for their bills such as electricity and cable and even down to paying school tuitions directly BUT also aim to make an impact locally in developing countries and has already impacted in Nigeria.

The key is not just understanding but also creating a one stop shop which is easy and streamlined but also understanding the market locally and supporting them, this is truly how internationally remittances will change for the better.

Our aim is also to one step ahead of anyone else as 2nd leg is to allow the senders locally of Recharge4 app to have their own virtual account in local currency of GBP, EUR, USD in order to carry out their daily banking WITH the benefit of having African currency wallets such as NGN, GHS, ZAR and XOF etc.

So in essence it will be a one stop shop app which meets all their banking needs without the need of having several apps.

The team have developed Recharge4 - an online platform for the remittance to any Nigerian Bank Account, Mobile Phone, Bill Payments such as Electricity, Internet, School Tuition, Cable TV and cash-based user. Recharge4 integrates with Banks, Bill payment Providers, Mobile Money Networks and payment providers in developing economies, Recharge4 are already connected to provide remittances instantly to any Nigerian Bank account and to enable them to accept CASH payments from their Diaspora through the Cash Collection Network.

Recharge4 disrupts the Money Gram / Western Union / World Remit / Ding / Revolut  model – all the traditional ways we look at cross-border remittances by brining a combination of all in one App. 

320,000 cash-in points in 30 countries

200 million bank accounts in Africa

500 million eWallets in Africa

100 million bank accounts in Latin America

2,500 billers in 58 countries

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