Rebuilding the Grenfell Tower Community Project

Provide FREE and SECURE temporary SHELTERS for those who lost their home or unable to find accomodation due to unexpected events in london

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

This Rebuilding the Grenfell Tower Community Project is MORE THAN just a fundraising project. It has an ambitious aim to provide housing solutions to resolve the high number of homeless people across all different areas in London. There is a exceptionally high demand for temporary / emergency accomodation especially after all the tragic events happened in London in recent months. 

I am a property developer and in the past I have managed serveral hosuing projects with the sole aim of making profit for my investors. However I realise the availability of tempropary SHELTERS ARE VERY LIMITED and many people can POTENTIALLY become homless in London.  I am currently managing several housing projects across London zone 3 and 4 and there are housing spaces available for us to develop tempropary shelters for those who are desperate for short-term accomodation and those who will need it in future.

How your donation  are spent?

People took to social media after the fire on Wednesday to offer up their homes to those who were affected. However many are still staying in community centre amid concerns for limited resources and personal safety. Your donations will help us to purchase sustainable housing equiptments such as bunk beds, fridges, cutlery and funitures to ensure we meet the standard requirements to address the needs of our tenants. We will also invest in camping pods and heating equiptments to utilise the outdoor space that are currently available. We project to provide the expected benefits for around 50 people in the first instance and we will consistently review and increase our service range to benefit those in need for help.