Rebuilding Groomsmen Barbers

by Stephen Williams in Barton Le Clay, England, United Kingdom

Rebuilding Groomsmen Barbers
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On 4th August 2019 we successfully raised £660 with 30 supporters in 28 days

To replace items stolen during a break in.

by Stephen Williams in Barton Le Clay, England, United Kingdom

After what feels like the longest day ever I am absolutely devastated and heartbroken that people can stoop as low as the scumbags that forcefully broke into my shop & stole virtually everything in it. All I have been left with is my chairs & mirrors. I can’t help but feel this is a targeted attack against my business- to take things so small and insignificant as gowns and combs!! Things that are worthless to a thief but so important for my business. To work so hard to build up a business and have some lowlife scum destroy it overnight is absolutely soul destroying. Thankfully most of what was taken is replaceable albeit costly, but some things that were taken are sadly irreplaceable. 

It may take some time for Groomsmen Barbers to be back up and running as I simply do not have the money to replace everything I need instantly to be able to work and provide the high quality barbering that my clients deserve, for this reason I have set up a crowdfunding page in the hopes that I can reduce the length of time it takes to replace what I need to work. I have attached below a list of everything that’s been taken from the shop. We are still unfortunately noticing things that have been taken so this list is unlikely to be the full scale of what has been taken! In addition to the material items taken, damage has also been done to the fence and front door to the shop which will both need to be replaced. Thank you for all your kind words of support, and I hope all my fantastic clients will stick by me while I get back on track.




Combs & brushes 


Clipper guards 

Neck brush 

Clipper brush

Clipper oil & spray 

Hair dryer 

Cut throat razor 

Travel case 

2 x TVs 




DVD player 


Mop & bucket 

Cash tin (and contents)

Fridge full of drinks 

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