Rebuild The Unfair

Rebuild The Unfair

Campaign to rebuild our beautiful, bespoke Unfair after it was stolen from us

We did it!

On 16th Jun 2017 we successfully raised £2,380 with 91 supporters in 28 days

Help Us To Rebuild The Unfair

On the 17th May, The Grief Series were set to head down to Brighton Festival and deliver The Unfair along the world famous prominade, but in a gut wrenching twist of fate our hire van was stolen containing half of our set, signage, furniture and trinckets. Whilst there wasn't anything of value to thieves in the van, the cost of replacing what was stolen stands at around £10,000. We have also lost out on fees related to the project of over £4,000. 

The Unfair is a one of a kind, hand made, hand painted, angry funfair that is free to enter and designed for all ages. Made in collaboration with designer Bethany Wells and agent of chaos Adam Young - The Unfair reflects on how we express our anger and asks whether change is possible, with seven beautifully designed parlour games and activities. From the 'Let Off Steam' booth to the 'Bottle It Up Bar' there really was something for everyone - from the highly energetic to the introspective - and audiences fed back to us again and again how transformative The Unfair had been for them. 

Imagine a tent that makes you feel more in control of your anger and more ready to face the world... that's The Unfair!

We are asking for your support to please help us resurrect the tent out of the ashes and get Part Four in the decade long series of work by Ellie Harrison back on it's feet. 

The Unfair was commissioned by Theatre in the Mill and supported by Arts Council England, Bradford Festival and The Junction, Goole.

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