Rebuild South West CIC Appeal for Minibus

Rebuild South West would love to fund a Minibus to be able to transport individuals to and from our life changing projects across the SW.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Rebuild South West is a CIC (Community Interest Company) based in West Cornwall. 

Created and run by Ex Military personnel, Rebuild SW tackles the empty homes crisis and delivers unique programmes that build confidence and motivation, changing attitudes, and breaking down barriers.

Through tangible projects, we unlock the potential of participants, all of whom are from local vulnerable or potentially vulnerable groups.  

We are working with a wide array of individuals to Enhance Lives and Prospects through courses and projects involving Empty Homes, properties and areas needing TLC and renovation, from ex forces personnel through to vulnerable young adults.

Currently, all course participants have to make their own way to all of our projects, or we rely on the good nature of our mentors to transport them in their own vehicles.

With many having complex individual needs and physical limitations, this is often problematic. Making their own way to a remote course venue can often be too much of a barrier for people, who then just stay hidden away at home, and miss out on a life changing opportunity.

We know this campaign is a huge ask, but helping us fund a minibus will enable us to accommodate the demands of getting many people to experience the Rebuild SW courses and long-term projects across the South West.

We wholeheartedly believe that we can provide life changing opportunities through mentoring, courses, and long term renovation projects.

We help a broad spectrum of individuals, from military veterans to the long-term unemployed.

We work hard to help indivuals become very much a part of their communities, and to gain sustainable employment opportunities. So many people who we work with have isolated themseves from society, and have so much to give, they just don't realise it anymore.

We market ourselves as striving to Rebuild and not New Build when it comes to properties across the South West, whereby we run mentoring and coaching courses and long-term projects to Rebuild Properties and Lives. There are thousands of empty properties across the UK just waiting to be restored, and our achievements can be two-fold, whilst completing these projects we restore lives too.

Whilst initially set up to assist ex-services veterans work towards transition into civilian life, we now work with all areas of society, from ex-forces to those with mental health issues and homeless young people, and we help them all develop skills in life, project work, practical tasks, and construction. In turn we transform empty properties into homes that one day they can rent.  

We work to support members of the Ex Forces community by offering them positions to mentor and instruct courses, and also to attend these courses themselves, and directly move their lives forward. 
Most of the military veterans who join us have physical injuries or experience Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or other forms of mental ill-health.

This minibus directly will provide an escape and an opportunity for so many, and with no financial assistance to date, we desperately need your help to achieve this.

Thank you, for whatever you can afford to give.

From all at Rebuild South West