Rebuild oldest Fal Oyster Boat

Help to raise the necessary funds to rebuild a 130 year old Fal Oyster Boat, built in 1884 she is possibly the UK's oldest fishing vessel

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

FV Shadow 1884 -

Shadow 1884 is the oldest vessel built specifically for gathering wild native Fal Oysters. Up until 2013 she was working the fishery amongst a unique sailing fleet, the last commercial sail powered fishing fleet in the world, now she needs a long overdue restoration to bring her back to her former glory.

Julian Pizey has completed an initial survey and in his words "given the vessels importance within the (Fal) Oyster Fishery community, every effort should be made to return her to a seaworthy condition"

Our aim is not just seaworthy, but MCA coded so we can offer day trips and experiences both in the winter when she gathers Fal Oysters and in the summer when she races amongst the Falmouth Working Boat Association

She still holds 'fastest passage from Fowey to Falmouth' with a time of 2hrs 47mins an average of 7knots !

FV Alf Smythers -

The boat in the film is Alf Smythers, which I rebuilt in 2008, she has provided me with an income for 6 years and with a second vessel we could offer others the chance to learn to fish under sail without the huge investment needed for a vessel.

We usually take a third of the oysterman's catch to go towards the cost of maintaining and licensing the vessel, but with a fully restored vessel we could reduce this significantly, allowing the oystermen to earn more from the days fishing without having to land the little ones (next years stock!)