Re-brand Compass Coffee

Re-brand Compass Coffee

Compass Coffee - To help us re-brand our award winning cafe within a very short period of time

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This project will only be funded if at least £2,000 is pledged by 5:11pm 2nd October 2018

This project will only be funded if at least £2,000 is pledged by 5:11pm 2nd October 2018

Despite being open for over 4 years we have now been informed we have to change the name of our wonderful little cafe. We were informed a week or so ago that Compass Coffee had to be re-branded as there was a trademark registered for the words "coffee compass" (the short of it is that we have spoken to trademark attorneys and have been told we cannot use the word combination, or the word compass as they are the defining words of both companies).  We wanted to fight, but we simply don't have the funds to carry out the fight in court.

Instead we are going to re-brand and carry on serving you the best food/coffee around. This is not something we wanted to do but our hands are now tied. We have only just began to cost up the re-branding (which includes everything from our mugs, cups, awning, glass windows, website etc) and already we are many thousands over what we had originally thought we would have to spend... And we haven't even finished costing up everything yet.

As we are on a deadline to do this, quite a few of our customers (and some online folk) have suggested we do a crowd funding campaign to help us out... So here we are to give it a shot.

We would massively appreciate any donations to help us. As previously stated we are a small, local independent business (a two man band) and this is going to hit us hard, so please, if you could, we'd so appreciate any donations/contributions if you are in any position to help.

We only have a small amount of time (due to the deadline)...thank you to each one of you, it means the world to us as we love our little cafe.

Lots of Love,

Marcus & Craig

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