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The aim of the conference is to help support victims/ survivors of Rape and sexual abuse.

by Marjorie king in Croydon, England, United Kingdom

I started running these conferences from 2013 when such a subject was taboo to talk about, and many would say 'let sleeping dogs lie'. 

                           Yes, Sleeping Dogs Lie No More!

This conference is to bring awareness, that shame shall not be a part of the survivor anymore. 

My vision is to build a centre for young women and men who have been through this painful ordeal. This is to let the survivor know 'you are not on your own', I felt lonely for many years because of this ordeal, I felt unable to speak to anybody, it was my secret, and my shame.

Now many men and women have been able to go on to write their own books and have their own conferences. They have been liberate and set free. 

Let's make 'Rebirth' happen

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