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An immersive theatrical experience that adapts the classic story of Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier.

by in Worcester

New stretch target

WOW! Thank you so much to everyone who has supported us!! 

There is still time and so much more that we could use the money for. As we want to tour our piece, this cost a substantial amount of money, so your extra donations will go towards; accomadation for our performers and stage managers, travel costs and any other costs involved in the touring process. 

The extra funding also means that we are able to upgrade our set and have things that we didn't think were possible. So thank you! It means alot to all of us involved.

Again thank you so much for all you incredibly kind donations so far. Lets see if we can reach our next goal.


Who are Volatile State?

Volatile State are a new theatre company formed by a group of University of Worcester graduates, with a passion for creating exciting, site-related and immersive theatre.

After working together in university to create a new original work in a storage warehouse, Volatile State are keen to start work on their new project. By adapting the work of Daphne Du Maurie Volatile State will create an immersive environment for the audiences to explore.


Our project!

We intend to develop a theatre piece heavily influenced by Daphne Du Maurie Rebecca looking at both the original work and Hitchcock's film adaptation. We will suspend the audience in the world of the performance creating an immersive environment, meaning that audiences would be able to see, hear smell and possibly even taste as they freely roam our space. The work will also look at the notion of the feminine ideal, through the way in which the female characters are used and regarded within the story by their male counterparts, and by the audience themselves. The audience will be part of our telling of this classic story and come out of the experience with a new found knowledge of what theatre can do and how it can transport them some place else. With themes of obsession, deceit and false pretenses our Rebecca will reinvent the classic story.

The purpose of our work is to create an environment and scenario in which the audience can live, feel and observe alongside the characters. The world of the performance is as real to the audience as it is to the characters they are seeing. Our audience will be given immense freedom within the production. You will be free to inhabit and explore the space in any way you wish; whether you find a seat and watch the characters lives unfold around you, tail a character or generally snoop around for an insight into the unseen lives of the characters.

We want the production's scenography to become a character in it's own right, by revealing secrets and hidden truths to those willing to search for them. By paying close attention to detail, we want to create an environment which suspends the audience in the reality of our production.


How can you help us?

We are looking to raise between £500 and £5000 to contribute to the costs involved in realising the concept. However any funds raised would helps us a great deal, be it big or small! The vast majority of funds raised will be used to create the physical elements (set, props, tech) of our production in order to create a piece of theatre capable of fully immersing our audience. 

A rough breakdown of the budget (raised from this crowfunding page as well as from other sources such as the Arts Council bid that is submitted) is as follows:

£2000 - Flats and construction pieces neccessary to safely and realistically create our work.

£2000 - Furniture. We intend to beg, borrow (and hopefully not have to resort to stealing) furniture for the production from local businesses, however some items just can't be blagged!

£1000 - Miscellaneous. Small props, per diem's for external performers, all of the small-ish costs that pop up out of nowhere!

We also currently have the support of lecturers and practitioners from the University of Worcester who have assisted us both creatively with the productions content and logistically by helping us find rehearsal spaces and lending technical support.

As well as creating the performance itself, we intend to tour the work, which again incurs further costs. Funds raised will also contribute to making it possible to achieve this goal.

Any and all support we receive would be greatly appreciated and brings us one step closer to opening night!

If you would like to know more about us as a company or would like to keep up-to-date with how the production is coming along please don't hesitate to email or our Company/Production Manager personally at Our visit our website: 

Also take a loot at our last project What's Left Behind to see what we can do.


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