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To raise money for my tuition fees and a portion of my research costs for my Postgraduate Sound beginning in September 2017

We did it!

On 5th Aug 2017 we successfully raised £3,287 with 67 supporters in 28 days

Buy some artworks and help me fund my postgraduate in sound!


My name is Rebecca Glover and I’m an artist based in London. In September this year I’m taking up a place at KASK School of Arts, Ghent to Study a European Postgraduate in Art of Sound.

Through this campaign I am aiming to raise £7350 which after 5% fees for the campaign will cover my fees and a small portion of my research costs.

The Course

When I first came across this course it felt like it had been written for me!

The course is a one year intensive course in the creative potential of sound and offers a practical and philosophical understanding of sound as an art form both within the arts and film industries. Spread across two semesters it covers a series of practical masterclasses followed by time to  develop a personal research project with the support of a mentor and one of the partner institutes. The workshops are with some of the most interesting sound practitioners across the Arts and Film industries in Europe. These cover subjects like Recording Techniques, Sound Installation, Listening, and Composition. In the second semester I will be developing my own project around the relationship between object and sound, performance and sculpture.  

I have been captivated by sound for years now, from avidly collecting everyday sounds and recording short narrative pieces to discovering different ways of getting my sculptures to sing. I am totally hooked!

This is an amazing opportunity for me to develop my love of sound as a medium and will equip me with specialised knowledge and the skills needed to enrich my artistic work and to broaden my career prospects internationally.

Why I Need Your Help

Doing a postgrad was always going to be a challenge financially and I had almost written if off… until I came across this course. It ticked so many boxes!

I know this year ahead is going to give me such a boost both creatively and in terms of my career, that in the long run it makes sense to do it.  With  my newly acquired skills  I will be in a better position to self fund my practice through sound work in the film/radio industries and through teaching. I will also have developed a strong international network for exhibiting and selling and on top of this will have an even stronger portfolio and sense of my own artistic voice!

Over the last 8 years I have funded my artistic practice in London through juggling freelance work as a teacher at Central Saint Martins and at The Art Academy London and up until May 2016 I also worked as a part-time receptionist at a private osteopathic practice. Whilst these jobs have provided enough income to pay London rents and basic living costs, each one of them is a zero hour contract, meaning that it’s always a delicate balancing act between earning enough and then finding the time to keep making new work! As a result I have no savings and often find myself struggling with cash flow.

To attend the course I will need a year out from my regular teaching  jobs in London. Conveniently I have managed to hold on to just a few shifts that fall between my modules. I plan to find more teaching work in Ghent and am hoping that this work and any other bits that I get will help me cover the remaining shortfall.  

I have managed to save a portion of my total estimated costs. This money has come from taking on as many extra shifts/cover as I've been able to get my hands on in addition to my regular courses and this conveniently all comes as I end a year long studio residency. So I’m now no longer paying studio rent or working towards exhibitions!

 The course is only one year the more I raise now the more energy I can pour into it!

I am not eligible for a postgraduate loan from the government as my course is not in the UK.

Due to the fluctuating value of the pound to Euro I am keen to make as much of this money in advance of moving there so I have a degree of financial stability whilst there.

What are the costs?

Here's my estimated budget for the year.


£5263.16(Course Fees EURO 6000)

£7265.25(Rent and living costs)

£2181.29 (artists materials)

£800 (travel UK -Ghent)

£500 (Essential Research trips)




(At the time of writing this 1 GBP = 1.14 EURO) 

About Me

Image: SLABS Installation view at The Florence Trust London 2017

I work with lots of mediums from sculpture and sound to video, performance, drawing and painting.

In my recent project SLABS 'This is my band.' (above image) I have created a band of sculptures and humans. Singing through feedback loops the sculptures and performers interact with one another negotiating the form and strength of their voices. They explore how the resonance of the objects alters how they make sound and music. The interaction is a 'jam' between the two voices forming a totally new type of sound/music. 

I graduated from my BA at Edinburgh College of Art in 2009 and since then have been living and working in London exhibiting and performing my work at galleries and venues throughout the UK.

On my course I'll be developing my work with the singing sculptures. The main bulk of this project developed out of my obsession with collecting sounds of different objects and exploring new ways to ‘play’ them. With SLABS I began to focus more intensely on finding ways to get objects to sing that didn't involve hitting them. After a lot of play and some very happy accidents I discovered that I could get them to sing through feedback and now after half a year of learning how to manipulate it and how to jam with some very basic equipment (courtesy of some VERY generous friends), I have discovered how magical this interaction with feedback is. To sing with the sculptures you have to completely tune into them, meet their resonances and test out how you can enter your voice into their space… It’s a negotiation of boundaries and in my mind it reflects the desperate need for deep listening and re-assessment of behavioural patterns needed in the real world.

The scope of this project is huge, from exhibitions and performances to a band on tour or theatrical productions...all I need is time and your support.


Invest in a change of mindset.

Both my artwork and the workshops/classes below invite you to listen and experience the world freshly from a point of curiosity rather than habit. Listening and Sound are absolutely key in exploring how to change how we interact with each other and also our environment. Through listening freshly and actively you open yourself up to the possibility of a fresh response. It's like learning to jam with the world and each other rather than imposing our way onto something.

So through buying my work you get a piece of that and you also help me to develop these ideas so I can share then with an even larger audience!


I am offering a wide range of rewards, from band posters and artworks through to sound workshops with my sculptures. There's something for everyone and it all connects to sculpture and sound! If you see anything in the photos you like that isn't labelled as a reward please do get in touch and I can let you know prices.

£15 - A3 band poster

£30 You will receive a poster and an mp3  field recording from my personal library of favorite sounds.

£150 You will receive a signed limited edition piece of sound art pressed onto record.  The Debut EP of SLABS consists of 3 tracks featuring Emma Bonnici and Fritha Jenkins performing with SLABS.

£300 You will be offered a 3 hr workshop with the sculptures. Here you will experience how the feedback works and have the opportunity to explore how your voice interacts with the voices of the sculptures. We will make a recording during the workshop which I will send you following the workshop.  UP to 5 people max age 12+ and all children will need to be accompanied by an adult.

£300 - you can buy one of the smaller hand built sculptures. These are made from paper mache clay (the plinths are also for sale at £50 made from reclaimed wood and old inner tubes)

£500 - you can buy a medium sculpture made from paper mache clay (the plinths are also for sale at £50 made from reclaimed wood and old inner tubes)

£500 - You can buy a medium sculpture made from paper mache clay (the plinths are also for sale at £50 made from reclaimed wood and old inner tubes)

£800 - unique performance by SLABS accompanied with a digital recording of the concert.

£4000 - A larger sculpture built especially for you and recording of its voice.



I will be so greatful for any donations you can give, big or small.

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