Help Us Thwart Cancer & Diabetes

Help Us Thwart Cancer & Diabetes

Help us raise capital to market our ebook via YouTube explaining new ideas how to beat killer diseases of cancer and diabetes.

We did it!

On 13th Dec 2016 we successfully raised £50 with 1 supporter in 28 days

We are seeking £11,500 to market our digital PDF ebook describing steps people can take to defend against the risks of having cancer or diabetes. It is now more true than ever before that our health lies in our own hands.

A revolution has occurred in researchers understanding the primary cause of cancer.  The strength of the immune system provides the prime defence against cancer and it is the prime reason why cancer occurs if it weakens because of poor diet, lack of exercise and stress.
However the details and implications of this knowledge are buried in medical books and official publications and the public remains either indifferent or unconvinced. Official reports estimate that 39% of the US population will have cancer at some stage during their life. 

Diabetes UK estimates there are 140,000 Londoners who do not realize they have type 2 diabetes (elevated blood sugars). Half the population in the USA has pre diabetes or full blown diabetes. Diabetes can lead to strokes, blindness and amputations (impaired blood circulation), however there are simple ways plus supplements that can reverse this condition, which our ebook explains.

It is the purpose of our digital publication to help people learn from the new ideas and so encourage them to protect themselves against these diseases by changing their diet, encouraging weight loss and exercise programs. This information has the potential to reduce the risks of people succumbing to cancer, with the pain, radiotherapy, chemotherapy and hospitalization that surely follows.  Our ebook is now complete and runs to 72 pages.

The book gathers together in a digital download PDF document format recent information about the immune system and its role in allowing cancers to develop published by Cancer Research UK, The US National Library of Medicine, The American Association for Cancer Research, The National Cancer Institute, The Albert Einstein College of Medicine and The University of Sussex.

The book describes promising new cancer immunotherapies and the very latest information available about the importance of specific nutrients necessary for good health and the immune system, and we list these. 

Each significant dietary mineral has its health effect listed and the importance of foods containing magnesium, calcium and vitamin C is emphasised. The book describes the most poisonous toxic cancerous chemicals in foods and drinks that people should take steps to avoid.

We are seeking £11,500 to market our digital PDF ebook using YouTube videos as the introductory media. We will be offering the book as a free giveaway when people visiting our website purchase weight loss guides (weight loss is an essential step to reducing the risk of diabetes). These weight loss guides will net our business an average £25 each.

If we can help just one parent with young children avoid cancer or diabetes our efforts will have been rewarded.

Thank you for considering our project. Our reward at the £50 level includes the ebook and our huge collection of financial spreadsheets that have been used all around the world for investment analysis and business planning.

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