Raising awareness "The real truth about Autism"

Help Raise funds For the Real Truth About Autism, a storytelling website application founded by Ashley Davis.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful


        Hello everyone


Welcome my name Ashley Davis, I am a young man with first hand knowledge of  autism, and I am very passionate about educating people about austism and the difficulties those affected face."

 I Would Like To Raise £500, So I can Make An Interactive Website, So People On The Sprectume Can Talk About What They Are Going Through And Talk to Other's Who Have Been Through It Themselves.


The following items are for sale to contribute to the creation of the Real Truth About Autism storytelling website application.





This is my new t shirt  design for my brand 






  This is Red T shirt for picking up mental health in school's 






This is a white t shirts for kids have the right educated 








This is  a Green t shirts for Anger affect education in school's 






This is a white mug for drinking in mug 





This is a white mug that I know about autism!









This is a white mug for creative autism mug 




These are the new branded items that I would like to raise the money to produce.  I also have a new project that is a interactive animation story telling website/application. This website will provide help to people going through difficulties with autisms with a fun and interesting source of information and belonging to a community of others going through the same as others. Please kindly help me raise the funds, and contribute to creating a site for the Real Truth about Autism.



Thankyou for you time and consideration.