The Real Junk Food Project Brighton

Intercepting food waste and transforming it into healthy, nutritious meals to serve to the community, on a 'pay as you feel' basis.

We did it!

On 22nd May 2015 we successfully raised £16,035 of £15,000 target with 457 supporters in 56 days

New stretch target

Extra donations will be used to help us set up the best possible space in Brighton. As well as some new industrial fridge/ freezers to give us even greater capacity to intercept all that lovely food. Thank you!

The Real Junk Food Project Brighton Needs You! 

Help us raise £15,000 to bring a thriving waste food cafe to Brighton, 7 days a week!    

The Concept Is A Simple One

In the UK  15 Million tonnes of  perfectly edible food ends up in  landfill each year,  some of  it before even reaching the supermarket shelves. The Real Junk Food Project Brighton legally intercept food (waste) from  supermarkets, restaurants and other sources,  transforming it into  healthy, nutritious meals that we serve to the local community, on a Pay As You Feel basis.   

If You Eat, You're In!

We understand some people in our community  who are suffering from food poverty and the rising cost of living can't  afford to pay set meal prices, so the Pay As You Feel Concept invites people to exchange not just their money,  but ideas, time and creativity for a meal. It also encourages people to  think about what a plate of food means to them. Where has it come from?  How much energy was used to create it? Why was it destined for  landfill?   Answering these questions will help to raise  awareness about the problem of unnecessary food waste and encourage  people to try and live more sustainably.  

Why We Need Your Support

We now have around 120 volunteers dedicated  to the cause and several supermarkets on board from whom we intercept  food waste. Right now we are open to the general public every Friday  when we take over an amazing community church venue from which we run  our café, serving up delicious waste food lunches – all of course on a  Pay As You Feel basis. We are also supporting a number of other projects within our community by providing food and volunteers.    It is our goal to be running a 7-day a week  café as soon as possible. Having our own space will allow us to  intercept more food and give us the ability to feed more people. With a Dedicated Real Junk Food Café,  we will be able to host workshops and provide local community projects  and artists with a space to showcase their work. We will also be giving  talks in schools to educate children about food waste and would like to explore ideas around the Gift Economy  which places more value on people, their time and effort. Our goal of  £15 000 will be enough for us to rent an appropriate space in Brighton  for one year, during which time we will be able to accumulate enough  money to stay open off our own backs and to not have to request a  minimum donation for food.   

Let's REALLY Feed The World

We’re really excited about the potential for this project and we know we can make a huge  difference with your help. We are offering a range of rewards for  anyone who pledges, from a public thank you and a jar of our delicious  jam, to workshops with our talented chefs and tantalising dining  experiences.   If you would like to support The Real Junk  Food Project Brighton, choose your reward from the list on the right,  click on it and follow the instructions or simply click 'PLEDGE'. If you would prefer donate in person, please  do! On a Friday you can find us serving lunch at One Church, Gloucester  Place from 1-3pm. We hope to see you there!  

Your support means the world to us.


Please help us reach our target by sharing our campaign! We'd love it if you could tell your friends, family, colleagues and neighbours about The Real Junk Food Project Brighton and our goal to raise £15,000 to feed bellies not bins! Share our crowdfunder site in person, by email, on facebook and twitter or through any other means you see fit! (Interpretive dance anyone?)



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