Real Estate Startup Project

Real Estate Startup Project

A project to start a community real estate business giving security to many families in a community by employing local tradespeople.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

My family have always been grafters working up to 85hrs per week, I have recently left a career as a professional chef to try and fulfill a life dream.

Me and my father will be going in on a joint business venture to start up a real estate portfolio and hope to be able to grow the company to a point where we can provide stable well payed jobs in construction, accounting etc for the community that we were raised in.

Our goal isn't just to make money but to hopefully change many small community families lives.

With your help we can achieve this, and for the rest of your lives you can know that you helped change many others for the better.  If we succeed you will never understand how grateful we are for your contributions and will have a lifetime of gratitude to all those who have helped.

Thank you