Ready Steady Gymnastics Wellness Centre

Ready Steady Gymnastics is trying to raise funds for a wellness centre for Children in Coventry with a holistic approach.

We did it!

On 14th Mar 2017 we successfully raised £1,270 with 20 supporters in 42 days

This project is to try and raise funds to create a wellness Gymnastics Centre for Children and adults in Coventry !

 Thank you for taking the time to watch our video and now we would like to tell you about our project and where your money will be going!!

Our centre is one of a kind in the United Kingdon using Gymnastics as a building block to help empower and enlighten everyone that walks through our doors. We really want to break the cycle and belief that to enjoy Gymnastics you need to be athletic, or a certain body type!

Our centre will be all inclusive regardless of ability, disability, race, spirtual beliefs, body type and age!!

This unique centre will incorporate so much more than Gymnastics focusing on mindfulness practices, healthy eating habits rather than teaching our younger generation to restrict on food intake and learn about balance which could later lead to an eating disorder. We are working closely with a local nutrionist to incoperate this in a fun and exciting way so our children choose healthy choices rather than demoralising them or body shaming.

We have also incoperated different philosophy's into our centre with a holistic approach focusing on body, mind and spirit.

We look forward to welcoming you all to our Ready Steady Gymnastics Wellness Centre where we

"Learn, Play, Explore, Become Empowered and Challenge our children through Gymnastics"

In short we want to give our younger generation the tools to go out into the world with a core belief they can acheive anything they put their minds too!

Yours faithfully

Sophie, Team and our younger generation x



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