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Ready-Steady-Wash is an design invention to slow the spread of Covid19, by encouraging hand washing for kids by turning it into a game.

by Shaun Connors in Ashton On Ribble, England, United Kingdom


  • Is an idea for an invention that will help slow the spread of the Covid19.

The idea has had fantastic feedback & support from the NHS , Teachers & Professor John Edmunds who is the Dean of the Faculty of Epidemiology and Population Health, at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. 

The idea

  • The silicone band is to be worn around the wrist 
  • A timer can be set for 30 mins or 60 mins for this example we will use 60 mins.
  • On 59 mins the wristband starts to vibrate to alert the user it’s nearly hand washing time.
  •  When 60 mins approaches the 'traffic light LED’s ' turn from red to amber to green.
  • When the light goes green a latch is released to allow the user to press the squeeze button.
  • When the user presses the 'squeeze button' hand soap sprays out the nozzles onto the hands.

*‘Ready-Steady-Wash’ should be used in conjunction with regular hand washing procedures & not be seen as a replacement.

*The silicone band should also be cleaned when washing the hands.

*The adult sizes would also work great for those most vulnerable group the elderly people suffering with say Alzheimer’s or Dementia to remind them it’s time to wash their hands.

*I’ve had great feedback from NHS staff and teachers about the design 

A bit about me

 I have a passion for boxing , I invented a NHS supported product the Myomitt®️ After breaking my hand in a boxing bout , it is a hand, wrist & forearm rehabilitation device that stretches & strengthen's muscles in the hands and forearms.

Here is the link

I have a passion for inventing new products & I am hopeful that with your help I can get these ready for people to use for August time, as a prototype needs to be tried & tested & then there's the manufacturing process. 

Covid19 is effecting people & businesses worldwide we need to do everything we can to try to slow the spread of the virus, this is to allow time for scientists to develop ready available vaccines which reports indicate won't be till mid summer next year. Ready-Steady-Wash will help with this as children are known as 'super spreaders',children are inquisitive by nature putting toys & hands in their mouths etc, the Covid19 may not have the same effect on them but this does not mean they can't catch it & spread it, this will help parents & teachers keep track on their children's hand washing by making it into a mini game that they can enjoy together. 

Thanks for reading please help me get these made by pledging your support.  


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£15 estimated RRP for X 1 'Ready- Steady-Wash'Band

£10- £15 is what I would be hoping to retail these at, this is based on estimated costs prices, should the costings be more so will the rrp but you will get the £15 paid off the final price , if the costings are less you'd be refunded the outstanding amount, this does not include P&P.

£10,000 or more

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£10000'Your Name' embedded in all adult size bands

'Your name' to be embedded next to my own into the silicone band of the Adult size bands.

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£15000'Your Name'embedded in all 'Kids' size bands

'Your Name ' will be embedded in the silicone band next to my own in all children's size bands.

Let's make 'Ready-Steady-Wash' happen

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