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Ready For Business (www.r4b.app) is a secure digital platform that helps young people step into work through motivational mentoring.

by Ready For Business in London, England, United Kingdom

Ready For Business - www.r4b.app


What if you were the best at something, but didn’t know it?

With more challenges than ever facing society and young adults, the hope of a better outcome couldn’t be further away. That’s the harsh challenge facing more than 792,000 young people in the UK who are Not in Education, Employment or Training (NEETs - ONS 2018) – and that number is set to double following the COVID-19 pandemic. 

At risk as the ‘lost generation’, these young people are lacking jobs, motivation and opportunity. Unable to get experience and unable to achieve their potential. This has a massive impact on them, the UK and the economy. It’s no wonder why violence and crime continue to rise. 

Ready For Business offers a positive and practical solution to flip the script, take back our young and support them into work that works for them. 

We use the proven effectiveness of mentoring combined with technology, automation and psychometric profiling to enable a scalable solution, capable of solving the youth crisis, enabling young adults to glean the experience, self-esteem and guidance to get into work, in an industry and role that works for them.

Registration is open to all, which means as soon as there is a match, the “Ready For Business journey” can begin.

We encourage businesses and communities to allow their employees to become part-time mentors – building a relationship based on shared strengths and similarities. 

How this all works

All we ask for is an employee's time and commitment, which in turn will yield significant benefits for their employer in the form of an engaged, empowered and motivated work force. In addition we provide the business with access to a unique talent pool of our programme graduates which can help achieve their diversity and inclusion goals.

Our objective is achieved by matching participants through well tested psychometric profiling, not gender, religion or race. Our secure app-enabled remote delivery approach makes mentoring scalable, convenient and safe. 1597342676_screenshot_2020-08-13_at_19.17.19.png

Young people and mentors will be guided through our structured program, to recognise potential, develop skills, build resilience and ultimately, to get to know who they are, and what they’re good at.


Win/Win for Everyone

We present a solution which all parties will benefit from:

  • Companies - helping develop their future talent pool, whilst benefiting from highly motivated (and more empathetic) staff members, who following their involvement will be capable of hiring and managing more diverse talent pools.  
  • Youth - getting access to experts who know them best, supporting them emotionally, ethically and professionally on their journey into working life.
  • Mentors/employees – The mentors will benefit by feeling great about themselves, broadening their leadership skills, enhancing their job satisfaction.
  • UK – the whole country will benefit from the output which will be to bridge the class divide, and create happier people. Along with this a vastly reduced overhead on public spending.


Participation is free to young people and mentors, with our revenue set to come from participating businesses. 

Our pricing model is standardised, priced intentionally low to enable maximum uptake and value to our supporting companies. We will charge companies £1000 per annum (pa), and a £50 pa administration fee per mentor (all charged to the company). Our reason for this is that we aspire for all UK companies to support this initiative to help solve the youth crisis. 

Our Administration fee is there to allow us to manage (and expand) the platform, whilst in parallel delivering the talent pool that companies currently can’t access, as it does not exist. 


We take safety and security seriously. Should an issue arise, the situation will be dealt with by our support team to ensure the process continues smoothly.

For mentors, the platform has a straightforward registration process based on company registration and website domain validation. It is therefore essential that we have a commercial agreement in place with all companies as we need to have our mentors linked to a company. 

For mentees, registration will be verified by their National Insurance number. 

Launch Timeline 

Our plan is to launch the live and tested version of Ready for Business v1 in February 2021. 

The two main factors to Ready For Business are the technology (platform, algorithms and user experience), and the supporting content which guides mentees-mentors through their journey. 

We have a number of focus groups planned, aimed at finalising the workings of the product as well as the content that supports this. These focus groups are made up of industry experts and young adults. 

In parallel to building the platform, we will be spending as much time as possible speaking to the business community, government, charities, youth sector organisations, and most importantly, the young people themselves. We will work with influential people and organisations to support their objectives and drive awareness; getting all parties ready and excited about the change to follow. 


The bigger opportunity in front of us

There are 2.8m companies in the UK, and 36,000 companies with over 50 staff who we think will benefit from taking part – if we all get together, we can solve the youth unemployment crisis, healing society in the process.

We want to catalyse change, to empower the youth of today and unlock their future.


The Team (in Dave's Words)




In Closing

We designed Ready For Business focused on solving the problem - the problem being significant, with 792,000 NEETs just in the UK, which is predicted to almost double following Covid. We realised that the solution was staring us in the face; bringing the most experienced and fortunate element of society together, with the element of society who have the most potential.

Once designed, we then built the commercial model, not focused on making the most money, but in making our service attractive and available to all, so companies can adopt us and find exponential value from the process, solving the youth problem in the process. 

Our ideal here would be that we are supported by the people who usually don't get to own or be part of the change... those who's are actually informed and know what it feels like to be left behind! 

If you can support our cause with £20, we will pay that forward once we have made the money back, or return it if you desire. We have also listed an option for companies to support us in advance, and subscribe to our offer for £1000, which will include the first years administration fee, for 20 employees (worth an additional £1000).

Your support will enable us to launch our mentoring platform and engage businesses – helping a generation of young people see the light at last. To see who they can be, how great they can be; be whoever they want to be.

By supporting Ready For Business, you will be giving us the mandate to solve the youth crisis. 

Thank you,


Dave Evans
Founder & CEO

 Click here to see our Ready For Business Slides.



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Ready For Business - Be Part of Our Mission

For all supporters who contribute £20, we will enter them in to our digital wall of success, which will be an interactive digital wall, that will link to your social media profiles. Our wall will be launched at the same time as Ready For Business goes live, and our plan will be to connect our supporters, to the success they have enabled. We see our wall as the backbone of Ready For Business; the output will be an innovative piece of digital art.

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Ready For Business - Community Award

If you are able to support us with £50, we will include you in our program, inviting you to our regional events, to support our teams when engaging with your community, and suggesting where Ready For Business can make the biggest impact.

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Companies - Paying it Forward

For companies that see the value in Ready For Business and want to support our launch, we will include the first years administration fees for 20 employees, worth an additional value of £1000.

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