Reaching my kids

Reaching my kids

Help me to see my kinds for Christmas

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I am a young man bearly 22 years old and I live in Brasil and with a help of a friend I've made this request to you people.

I've tried to start a small business in Brasil  but it did not go well.

My wife left me and since then I started to go down in business until I was forced to sell everything.

Now I have £60.00 in my poket which a friend borrow me to get something to eat.

Christmas is coming and I would like to go and see my 2 kids which one is 2 years old and the other one nearly 5 months.

The only problem is that I have nothing to buy a ticket from Brasil to Virginia and also my wife future ex is not willing to help me which is why I will need to make my way somehow to go and see my kids.

I beg you to help me to see my family for christmas.


Thanks in advance to everyone