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Housebound, I aim to reach 5Billion people and have a physical location for people to come to me for rest, relief, and regeneration.

by Reaching 5Billion in Camberley, England, United Kingdom

My story is simple. I am an almost 60 year old woman who is housebound due to a degenerative genetic disease. The way I currently stay connected to others is through the wonderful WorldWide Web. 

Like most people, I thought my days would be pretty normal and uneventful. I grew up in the USA and have two children and two grandchildren. I moved across the big pond to the UK where I married and have been married since 2000. I worked here until 2011/12 when I was diagnosed with CMT (Charcot Marie Tooth disease). As with most rare diseases, it took some time for them to figure out what I had and, by that time, it took me nearly two years after I retired from working due to health issues, to feel almost human again. 

CMT is slowly taking away my ability to walk and to use my hands. Some days, I feel pretty awesome. Other days, I feel like I have lead feet and my ankles and forearms are painful. On those days, I stay pretty stationary and do nothing but watch television or sleep. That's the other thing about CMT, it creates fatigue. 

While I can still move and still use my hands, I am doing what I can with what I have. I can't work for long periods as fatigue sets in and so does sciatica. I am writing and have a serial adventure available at Mrs Cannings Marvelous Magic. I am creating art when I can. I am using Dragon software as a way forward as I can't type for very long periods of time. I have self-published books on Amazon. I am connecting with women at Shift Evolution Life. I am doing all I can to add color, texture, and joy to my days while still keeping my brain and body active. I have established a third website, TISocORI, which is the gateway to all I am establishing as a legacy. If any of these interest you, I hope you'll join me through the websites.

I have recently (after 18 years of being in the UK) become a British Citizen. 

My husband is also disabled and unable to work.

I don't have a team. I have determination. I believe in bringing out the goodness in my day and witnessing the goodness in others. My goal is to reach 5Billion people before I pass and to have a physical location where I can connect with others. I have learned that more is accomplished by reaching out than waiting for others to reach in. 

My goal is to raise up to £100M through this site to establish a physical location that would provide room for those who need a place for rest, relief, and regeneration, and a legacy that will continue. If I can reach 5Billion people and if 100Million of those people donated even £1, my goal will be assured. 

I am now on Facebook and on MeWe. Even so, I could use your help. Please share this with others so it will reach 5Billion people. Thank you.

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