Re-modelling my mothers house

Re-modelling my mothers house

I would like to help re-model my mum's home to fit with her health issues.

We did it!

On 2nd Dec 2015 we successfully raised £1 with 1 supporter in 28 days

For sometime now my mother has gotten ill, I've constantly been working and trying my hardest to help her out, I even moved back home to help her out financially. It was at that point I realised the hell she had been living in. Her home had slowly become a mess, a burst water tank in the loft flooded the whole upstairs and tore the ceiling down.

I can't let her live this way but I simply cannot afford to give her the changes she needs to live a happier life in a better house.

Anybody that helps out in anyway whether it be a penny or a pound, I thank you all.


Here is a list of things I'd like to do;

1. Add a stairlift

2. Re-decorate the hallways

3. Lay new flooring

4. Add safety rails

5. Clear the backgarden and create a flower area

6. Buy new doors

7. Purchase new cupboard units for the kitchen and a new cooker

8. Install a shower

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