Reforestation initiative in Malawi

Reforestation initiative in Malawi

This campaign is looking for £320 to buy fuel to transport 57,000 seedlings to establish nurseries in 25 districts in Malawi.

We did it!

On 17th Mar 2016 we successfully raised £390 of £320 target with 11 supporters in 14 days

New stretch target

Any extra money raised will go towards purchasing tools needed to carry out the planting of the seedlings.

GREVEO aim to provide each of the 25 areas with 50 hoes (equivalent of £3 each) and 50 watering cans (£6 each). The total cost for this would be £450, so any extra money raised here will be helpful in reaching this target.

We need £320 to transport 57,000 seedlings to establish nurseries in 25 districts throughout Northern and Central Malawi.

As over 90% of the population relies on fuelwood for their income or to cook, Malawi has an extremely high level of deforestation, threatening food security and contributing to climate change. Immediate and ongoing action is needed. 


The background

Green Vision Environmental Organization (GREVEO) is a local nonprofit making youth organization based in Rhumpi, Northern Malawi. They promote sustainable environmental management primarily through working with young people and local communities on tree planting and bee keeping initiatives.

Environmental youth worker Chrispine Mchelenje and young people in the Rhumpi district came together after recognising numerous problems experienced in their district as a result of deforestation, including low agriculture productivity, environmental degradation, water scarcity, soil erosion, water pollution and floods. 

GREVEO aim to be sustainable in-country, striving to rely as little as possible on international funding. However, so far they have been unable to secure funding from Malawian sources as, as might be expected of a country with one of the lowest GDP’s in the world, this money is incredibly scarce. This is why we need you - a small, one-off contribution will make a big difference.


The situation

GREVEO were recently provided with 57,000 seedlings to establish nurseries in 25 districts in Northern Malawi. The seedlings are ready to be planted, but are still located in Rhumpi as there are no funds to pay for transport. They have secured the loan of a lorry with driver, and have arranged for loading and off-loading will be done by the local communities, who will also be responsible for filling the (recycled) polythene tubes with the seedlings, watering and out-planting. The 3 tonne lorry will be used to carry around 2,300 seedlings to each of the districts, and requires a minimum of 10 litres of fuel per trip. This fuel costs money - money that the organisation currently don’t have.


Asking you…

So now I am asking if you would donate what you can towards this cause. Often with charitable donations, it is difficult to know where your money is going. Here, I can tell you exactly how it will be spent. With no middle men, all money will go directly to pay for fuel. GREVEO is a genuinely locally-led and community based organisation. I have personally met Chrispine Mchelenje in Rhumpi and have seen at first hand the dedicated work that GREVEO do, both improving the environment and empowering local communities. I strongly believe that they deserve to be supported in this small way, so if you are able to contribute anything at all GREVEO, and I, would be very grateful. 



- I will make up the difference of any shortfall in money raised. Should the target be surpassed, the extra money will go towards purchasing tools (hoes and watering cans) needed to carry out the planting of the seedlings. 

- I would like to clarify that there are no hidden administration costs - I am simply facilitating this campaign on behalf of GREVEO.

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