Re-elect John Mason as MSP for Glasgow Shettleston

Re-elect John Mason as MSP for Glasgow Shettleston

Re-elect John Mason as MSP for Glasgow Shettleston.

We did it!

On 15th Mar 2016 we successfully raised £720 with 20 supporters in 28 days

The constituency:

Glasgow Shettleston covers Baillieston, Calton and Shettleston wards. There are over 57000 voters living in 35000 households.


The Candidate:

John was elected as the MSP for Glasgow Shettleston in 2011. John has lived in the area for 26 years and has previously served as Councillor four times and once as MP. John will continue to work hard for the people of the East End. In the coming Scottish Parliament election John is again standing for the SNP in the Glasgow Shettleston Constituency.


The Campaign:

John’s campaign has already started but we are looking for your support to re-elect John as MSP.


What do we need the money for?

  • Campaign hub: We are renting an office space in Parkhead for the campaign to provide a space for our supporters to visit and volunteer.
  • Campaign literature: We are already delivering leaflets to get out our positive message about the work that John has done locally and the Scottish Government has done nationally. We will also be writing out to our voters.
  • Badges, Posters & Banners: We want our voters to display their support for John and the SNP and will need thousands of badges, window posters and stickers for our supporters.  

We're not taking the vote in Glasgow Shettleston for granted and we are working hard for every single vote on 5th May 2016. 

You can donate any amount from £5 upwards. If you are kind enough to donate more than £50 to the campaign, your name and address will be checked against the electoral register to ensure that you are eligible to donate. Your name, but not your address, will be made available by Glasgow City Council on request after the election.

All donations will make a real difference and help us secure a win in Glasgow Shettleston and the re-election of John Mason as the MSP for the area.

The proceeds of this crowd funder will be deposited into the SNP Glasgow Shettleston Constituency Branch account for sole use in the campaign to re-elect John Mason.

This page is promoted by Jennifer Layden on behalf of John Mason both at 1/2, 83 Sandaig Road, Barlarnark, Glasgow, G33 4SZ.


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