Re-elect Danielle Rowley in Midlothian

by Danielle Rowley for Midlothian in Dalkeith, Scotland, United Kingdom

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On 2nd December 2019 we successfully raised £1,410 with 35 supporters in 28 days

Re-elect Danielle Rowley as Labour's MP for Midlothian.

by Danielle Rowley for Midlothian in Dalkeith, Scotland, United Kingdom

I was born, raised and have lived in Midlothian my whole life: it has truly been an honour to represent my hometown in Parliament since the snap General Election of 2017. I took on the task of being the Labour Party candidate faced with an SNP majority of over ten thousand votes. Through hard work and determination of our local members, we ran a successful campaign which engaged with people on our fantastic manifesto and local issues: and we took back the seat from the SNP. I have been fighting for Midlothian in both Westminster and across the county ever since. 

  • My office team and I have dealt with over 4690 cases and campaigns since my election. I have held advice surgeries across Midlothian and hosted an annual Summer Surgery tour focussed on our rural towns and villages. My office is open 9am until 5pm, Monday to Friday to deal with any and every case that is brought to our attention. 
  • I have campaigned nonstop on the issues that matter to people in Midlothian. I have been campaigning alongside our Labour councillors and the UNISON Midlothian branch, demanding fairer funding for Midlothian. I have carried out a considerable amount of work on the issue of access to GP surgeries in Midlothian, campaigned hard to save our post offices and stop the disappearance of bank branches across Midlothian to make sure our high streets continue to serve local people well. 
  • I regularly hold themed events to engage with our communities; including business roundtables, community organising days, charity get-togethers, and coffee mornings to hear from the people and groups that I represent. I have held two successful Women’s conferences, both of which were free events for women from Midlothian. 
  • I have repeatedly argued that a No Deal exit from the EU would have a disastrous effect on Midlothian and the United Kingdom. I have voted multiple times for a public vote on Brexit, and just as I did in 2016, I will campaign tirelessly for the UK to remain in the EU. 
  • My work in Parliament has and will always be centred on giving a voice to those that aren’t being listened to. I have fought hard against the Tories’ disastrous implementation of Universal Credit, which is pushing millions of people into debt. I exposed that ‘deflection scripts’ were being used in order to rush claimants off the Universal Credit helpline, campaigned tirelessly to make Universal Credit separate payments a reality and have held the Government to account on these issues and will continue to do so if re-elected.

I have cemented my reputation as a hard-working, campaigning MP over the past two years – the type of MP that Midlothian truly deserves. Any donation you can give towards my campaign would be greatly appreciated.


I hope I can count on your support. Thank you.


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