Re-elect Anna Soubry

Re-elect Anna Soubry

Re-elect Anna Soubry as the MP for Broxtowe

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Anna Soubry has a reputation as a straight talking, hard working MP who gets stuff done in Broxtowe! Anna is also known for her moderate, sensible, compassionate Conservatism. Not afraid to "speak truth to power" Anna is clear - the interests of all her constituents are paramount.  Anna also promises to be true to her long held values of tolerance, fairness and openness. In short, Soubry is a proper One Nation Tory!


Should you wish to donate more than £500 please contact Anna on providing your full address as this is a legal requirment in order to ensure that you are eligible - otherwise we will be unable to accept your donation. Your name, but not your address, would then be made available to the Electoral Commission after the election.

Promoted by Richard Jackson on behalf of Anna Soubry both of 63 High Road, Chilwell,  NG9 4AJ