Re-build the World's First LEGO Mutoscope

by Lewis Bird in Cookridge, England, United Kingdom

Re-build the World's First LEGO Mutoscope
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On 6th July 2019 we successfully raised £20 with 1 supporters in 28 days

Help us re-create the one creation from the series that I get asked about the most, and help prove the infinite possibilities of the brick!

by Lewis Bird in Cookridge, England, United Kingdom

Since LEGO Masters series 2 was broadcast the one build I get asked about the most is our life-size, fully functioning Mutoscope - part of our 1930's beach inspired final build. While it remains in peoples memory, unfortunately the model is believed to have been destroyed following the series' finish.

But that is not it's end. Help us raise the funds to independently re-build what we believe to be the world's first 100% LEGO Mutoscope. For those of you who did not see the show, a Mutoscope is a mid to late Victorian era invention where images are rotated to present one of the world's first moving-picture films.

Our model featured an endless police chase, as well as a functioning mechanism in which two tokens would allow the user to turn the handle twice, before the system locked ready for the next user. We believe it to be the first in the world to use brick built plates and minifigures rather than pieces of paper, and one of the rare exceptions of a 100% LEGO functioning token mechanism with no human-intervention.

The build will be based on memory and the only photos available to us, which are also the ones on this page. We used minimal plans during the build so this re-build may differ slightly, but we will stick to the original aesthetic as much as possible.

Your donation will be used to buy the bricks, as well as the expense of touring the complete model around the UK. At these events YOU will be able to use the Mutoscope, and proceeds from this (along with any excess funds from this page) will be split between LEGO charities and organisations. From there the Mutoscope will be donated to a museum, yet to be decided, to be enjoyed by the public for it's future.

Please consider donating to this cause, donations of £50 or more will result in you're name/company name been printed on LEGO bricks on the Mutoscope itself!

Thank You, and I look forward to seeing you enjoy the Mutoscope at LEGO events in the future.

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