RDUK goes LIVE in Dorset!

RDUK goes LIVE in Dorset!

We want to raise awareness of our dogs and their needs at Dorset Dog Festival !

We did it!

On 28th Jul 2017 we successfully raised £701 of £300 target with 72 supporters in 14 days

New stretch target

If we surpass our target, the extra funds will be used to get our RDuk sweatshirt, tshirts, yellow ribbons and yellow bandanas sourced, made and stocked ready for the group to use.

And we can ALSO use funds to make our RDuk Stay Away promotional stickers as part of our national education campaign ..

Either way the money is safely going 100% to RDuk ... so THANK YOU for your continued generosity and shared vision of safe communities for everyone !

We need your help and would gratefully appreciate whatever donation you can spare!
No one needs to know the amount if you'd like to give annonymously - it is the thought that counts.

We are so excited about the opportunity to have our first RDuk stand at a dog festival !
We have a great team in place but we can NOT do this event unless we hit our target !  

Please read on to find out what we are doing and why this is so important ...

We will be educating folks to Stay Away from the Fellow in Yellow,  telling everyone about Yellow Dogs,  OUR dogs and our needs, giving away yellow ribbons, RDuk flyers and Yellow Dog flyers - all education; as well as getting support from the public for our national Safe Space Campaign and creating our own Safe Space for our reactive dogs in Poole.

We need a gazebo for this event, beautifully decorated with our RDuk neon yellow ribbons.

We will have 3 raffles where people can win a gorgeous, official RDuk doggy doorstop !

To engage people with us, the raffle is FREE and they 'earn' their tickets.

Kids 'earn' their tickets (and a free lollipop!) by doing a lucky dip to find a yellow dog, and telling their parents what they would do if they saw a yellow dog (educating both parents and children) 

Adults  'earn' their tickets by trying to play concentration game /finding out about our Safe Space initiative and the needs of our dogs and signing our campaign ..  Every conversation will help make the Dorset community more aware, understanding and supportive.  A bit of fun goes long way to engage people !

We will have pictures and stories displayed about our VERY OWN Dorset dogs .. and about why they need space.

The funds will cover the items needed for our stand.  We have already enrolled free printing and laminating for the majority of our flyers and publicity material, so the funds are for the gazebo, 3 prizes and smaller items - it is scary how quickly it adds up.  Most of these items can then be reused again, at ANY event RDuk members want to do.

Please spare a few pennies by 30th July so that we can really start to make a difference by educating our communities !

xx ninja nic xx

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