RC's Nursery Dream

RC's Nursery Dream

 RC is my first and possibly only child. He's just coming up for two and is a very intelligent, placid and kind little boy but he needs help

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 RC is my first and possibly only child. He's just coming up for two and is a very intelligent, placid and kind little boy.

The reason that he might be my only child? After RC arrived I didn't get it. Everyone else seemed to know what was going on, how it was all meant to work...but a switch had flipped in my head.

ive never been outgoing. Never questioned authority. No risks. Could read fluently by 3. Exceptional grades. But always a loner. Graduated as a teacher. Pulled 70 hour weeks, was terrified of leaving my classroom and spent weekends screaming and crying and drinking.R

RC came along and work stopped. Everything stopped. I became stuck...until one day I literally got stuck. I couldn't go on and contemplated taking my life. Then mum found an article about the difference in presentation of autism in women and suddenly my life came together and made sense.

i was formally diagnosed 8 months ago. I have support from adult services but the person who suffers most is RC. He adores playing and meeting people and enjoying the outdoors but providing these things myself isn't possible right now and it's tearing me apart.

So I've decided to get him two mornings a week in the most beautiful nursery that is keen to nurture and support RC and the whole family. But...my husband is a hard worker and earns too much. You know - we pay our mortgage and bills and buy the food and wait patiently for payday. We've dropped a whole income as my mental health isn't stable enough for full time work. I receive a little disability money. Other than that I've been totally left in the dark and RC is paying for this dearly.

we barely earn enough to make ends meet. We don't have holidays. We don't have days out any more and it's so hard because he's such a bright little boy. 

Disabled parents who have a partner who works are often left finding it hard to cope with little support. You either cope or you are deemed as incapable. And I know I'm not that.

ive never asked for help but I've exhausted every local council source, charity, grant funding etc etc etc. 

Two mornings cost £70 a week. He gets a hot meal, snacks, masses of stimulation and most importantly the social setting he craves. Please help. Thank you.

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