RawFfest Gŵylgrai 2017

RawFfest Gŵylgrai is the youth arts festival for Wales, planned and programmed by young people for young people.

We did it!

On 5th Jun 2017 we successfully raised £1,040 with 41 supporters in 35 days

RawFfest Gŵylgrai is the new youth arts festival for Wales, planned and programmed by young people for young people. We plan it, curate it, run it, perform in it, promote it, write about it, film it.

Now in its second year, this is the first time that the festival will be held in North Wales.

RawFfest Gŵylgrai showcases the best of youth arts today across all artforms.  It's an inclusive, immersive four day experience, providing pathways for young participants to develop. There will be a wide range of workshops where we can explore our creativity and make new work. 

We value the original over the copy, the quirky over the conventional, the daring over the dull.

Are you able to help make this happen? 

Why should you give your hard-earned cash to a bunch of young people so they can have a great time at a festival?

Because there's more to RawFfest than meets the eye. We have had our lives transformed by the intense, immersive experience at the pilot in 2016. As well as making enduring friendships, our confidence has gone through the roof. We're ready to take control: not just of this festival, but our lives.

Your money will be used for two things:

Firstly to pay for reduced price and free tickets targeted at disadvantaged young people.  In Wales over a third of young people live below the poverty line (Welsh Government figures). We want your help to make sure price is not a barrier to being involved.

And secondly we want to nurture the next generation of professional artists. Young artists will run some of the inspirational workshops. This will give us vital hands-on experience so that we get on the first step of the ladder of arts as a career.

Charity No: 1146670  Photos: above - Andrew Ogun (far left) fashion collection for RawFfest 2016 (credit: Creative Fez) below - recording studio session run by DJ Dregz (credit: Arron Nurden)


I believe people should donate to RawFfest because it's not just an event, it's an investment. The arts are incredibly important and they have been throughout history. Society and art go hand in hand and the freedom of expression that the arts allow cannot be matched. RawFfest is the first of its kind here in Wales and deserves all the support it can get.  Rowen Kimpton (18) Steering Group member

This festival is a partnership of five organisations who have given their resources to make it happen: Arts Development UKYouth Arts Network Cymru (YANC)Newport LiveVenue Cymru and Wales Millennium CentreRawFfest Gŵylgrai is grateful for support from the Arts Council of Wales and Welsh Government (Major Events).

Thank you to our friends at Valleys Kids who have done this video telling us what RawFfest 2016 meant to them.

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