Ration Snax - supporting ex service & Homeless

Ration Snax - supporting ex service & Homeless

Welcome to this our crowd funding project .. seems big dont it ..let me take you back a bit.

We did it!

On 21st Jul 2017 we successfully raised £10 with 1 supporter in 56 days

Welcome to this our crowd funding project .. seems big dont it ..let me take you back a bit.

Myself and my partner started this business back in August 2016 the idea was and still is to raise funds to support local small groups after research and lots of experience and volunteering with both we decided to help homeless out reach groups and ex service personnel.

The long term goal is to have a customer base averaging 350/600 boxs per month  in every area of the UK supporting these types of groups in each. Allowing us to be able to donate £300/£400 per month to each group in those areas. Also we hope  to employ within these groups helping struggling people get back on there feet.

We have so far secured stock supplies of snacks ranging from pringles, scratchings to large bags of crisps. approx 45 items 

We have a unique box design supplied and made directly to us for us.

A large network of supporters both in business and others.

We place these Ration Snax boxs containing 20 items  in local business's and replenish once a month if not more depending on the use from this they buy a snack at £1 per item after costs and exspenses we we donate the profits of £300/£400 to each group in there respective areas.

We would like to raise enough funds to take this business national, we currently operate in a small area, we have a dedicated customer base of about 60 who we regulaury refill once a month (sometimes more if they are hungry).

Myself and my partner are both very active with in the supported groups and we help out in many other ways and both groups help each other so everything is connected and we hope to take this connection to other areas of the UK.

If you wish to find out more information please email: rationsnax@hotmail.com

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