Rat Free Brittain

Project by fishergradwell
Rat Free Brittain

To buy a good van, used or new, to remove light household rubbish starting as low as £5.

We did it!

On 15th Sep 2017 we successfully raised £20 with 1 supporter in 28 days

Don't let this happen to your beautiful country. The following is an extract from an article in The Sun, 2011. I am South African and can attest that these things do happen.


Giant rats as big as cats have killed and eaten two babies in separate attacks in South Africa. Also, a 77 year old grandmother died after huge rats chewed off the left side of her face.

The suspects in the baby attacks are believed to be African Giant Pouched rats, a species distantly related  to UK rats, but native to sub-Saharan Africa- and the biggest in the world. They are nocturnal, omnivorous and can produce up to 50 young a year. 

They thrive in filthy conditions and feast on residents'  uncollected rubbish. I see sometimes rubbish in front gardens sitting there for ages. Ideal breeding ground.

I am a part time care worker in the UK and have seen some of the vulnerable living in less favourable conditions and I would like to do my part to uphold standards by helping people to get their rubbish to the skip at low prices and on a weekly basis. You put it out, I'll collect. Nothing too small. Maybe help to lower fly tipping? 

Let's go then!

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