Rap Club The Musical and Beyond

by Benjamin Turner in Croydon, England, United Kingdom

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Help us take “Rap Club The Musical” to the Edinburgh Fringe and similar projects supporting at-risk young people surrounded by violence.

by Benjamin Turner in Croydon, England, United Kingdom

NB: Whilst the majority of our fundraising will support taking Rap Club The Musical to the Edinburgh Fringe, surplus funds will be used towards further Rap Club projects including positive, high-quality music videos and performances. KINGDOM is the face of Rap Club’s creative output (ensuring relevance to our target at-risk young people).



The young people we work with typically experience behavioural issues and are at risk of school expulsion whilst living in situations of deprivation. They are exposed to negative youth/knife cultures embedded in modern urban young London, consuming the arts and feeding off disaffected young people. Their behaviour issues lead to further isolation from school/community support systems and this disconnect often has tragic consequences. Many approaches to combat this negative culture - most commonly by banning it (particularly the music "drill" culture) - often further distances our at-risk young people.


Rap Club's goal is to provide a high-quality, authentic, positive alternative through a range of community projects including live and online creative output. This requires an authentic connection with our target young people, their interests and their perceptions. Our projects manifest in a positive high-quality cultural output - in music, theatre, film and fashion - that is led by the same at-risk young people we target, establishing their own realistic alternatives to youth violence through skills, experience and community whilst promoting the same for their peers.

Our current core project is RAP CLUB THE MUSICAL - an autobiographical musical telling our “true story of how a group of Croydon kids... surrounded by gangs... carrying knives... selling drugs... became Wembley Arena superstars. Written/performed by the kids themselves, this musical tackles the challenges of growing up in a disadvantaged part of today's society.” We are very excited to bring this to the Edinburgh Fringe, providing a unique experience for our young people whilst exploring a vital issue in today’s society on an international platform.


Rap Club - championed as an enabler of social mobility by TeachFirst/TES/BBC Children in Need and featured on BBC NEWS - has been established for over 2 years engaging young people at risk of negative/violent cultures to use their passion, ambition and talent for music to share and shape their own positive narratives/aspirations and navigate negative youth cultures. This has led to our young people performing at Wembley Arena, Royal Albert Hall (amongst others), our output featuring in BBC Children in Need social media content and an upcoming original theatre performance at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. A small sample of our young people's creative output can be found at www.kingdomrecordsuk.com

Our key areas of work are in community programmes/Rap Clubs (some affiliated with schools, some within local community structures), large scale Rap Club projects (e.g. positive cultural output including a non-profit clothing brand led by our members and our young people's cathartic autobiographical musical being taken for an Edinburgh Fringe experience) and inter-community events (e.g. the annual Rap Club Conference).


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Rap Club Royalty

Rap Club will perform a gig for you/your company (in London, venue/event must be appropriate) || 2x Tickets to Edinburgh Fringe Performance || Meet and Greet (post-Edinburgh Performance) || Credited on Website

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Rap Club will write and record a song to your brief (if content appropriate) || 2x Tickets to Edinburgh Fringe Performance || Meet and Greet (post-Edinburgh Performance) || Credited on Website

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