Randalstown Holistic & Horticulture Communitygroup

by Randalstown Holistic & Horticulture Community Group in Antrim, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

Randalstown Holistic & Horticulture Communitygroup


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Our aim is to find some land and turn it into community gardens or allotments and various other projects like planting a orchard..

by Randalstown Holistic & Horticulture Community Group in Antrim, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

Randalstown Holistic & Horticulture Community Group would like to produce local, seasonal, organic fruit &veg with and for the community. We are looking for some land to create an organic farm. 

Our vision is for healthier local food grown organically without the use of pesticide's. When you no your food is grown down the road there is a great sense of community and solidarity. We plan to look after the land ecologically  that protects the soil and benefits wildlife and our model will provide a working alternative to conventional agriculture, with its reliance on pesticides, chemicals and fossil fuels.

what will we do?

Randalsown Holistic & Horticulture community group has 4 principal aims:

  • To give the community an area where they can grow there own food.
  •  Our food will be sold through a number of different outlets  and direct to local people 
  • To give back-we would like to invite young and old anyone who is interested in gardening and organically grown food.
  • we would also like to support food systems that educate, connect and empower local communities to be healthier and more resilient, to be rooted to the land and to each other, and to experience a direct relationship with how our food is produced. 


Let's make 'Randalstown Holistic & Horticulture Communitygroup' happen

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